What Does “FB” Mean In Text? (See Different Meaning)

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Have you ever been in a text conversation with someone, and they used “FB” in their s entence? If this has happened to you and you want to know what they mean and what FB means, you’ve come to the right place.

Short forms of words are usually used in text messages to save time and avoid conversation.

Still, they sometimes leave the other person confused, especially when you have yet to learn what the abbreviation or short form means.

In this article, you’ll learn what FB means in text, and the various meanings it can carry depending on the context of the message.

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What Does FB Mean In Text?

Abbreviated terms are now commonly used when texting these days. You may have come across the term FB in a text message and want to know what it means.

There can be a few different meanings for “FB” based on the context of the message.

Here are a few:

FB Mean “Facebook”

Most of the time, the abbreviation “FB” is a short form for Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site where users can post images and videos and connect with other people.

Most of the time, FB is used when referring to something Facebook related. It could be related to a Facebook post or their profile.

Whenever you see FB in a text message, look at the context before deciding that the person is referring to Facebook. Some ways people use FB in a text message and refer to Facebook are :

“Don’t forget to post a picture on FB”. Here the person is trying to remind you to post a picture you took on Facebook.

“James and I are FB friends”. This means that on Facebook, you and James are friends.

“John and Irene were FB-ing right before class started”. This means that John and Irene were Facebooking before the class.

In contexts such as this, FB means Facebook. However, since shorthand can mean different things to different people, another meaning may be referred to.

FB Mean “Follow Back”

FB in a text can also mean Follow Back. This term is usually used on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. If someone follows you on a specific social media platform, you should also follow them in return.

When someone follows you on Instagram, when you visit their profile, there is a button that says Follow Back, which you can click on to Follow them back.

Some ways people use FB in a text message and are referring to follow back are:

“Follow for a FB”. This means that when you follow them, they will follow you in return.

“Please FB on Instagram”. This means that someone is asking you to follow them on Instagram.

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FB Meaning In Dating Terms

In dating terms, there is a different type of language usually used. FB could mean several things, depending on the context being referred to. In the dating setting, FB could mean the following:

Friend With Benefits

This is a term that implies friends with whom there is a casual and sexual relationship, with no future of a romantic relationship.

For example, ”John and Jane are in a FB situation”, implies that John and Jane are friends with benefits.

F**k Buddy

Quite similar to Friends with Benefits, this dating term implies people who know each other, who are not necessarily friends who are engaged in a sexual relationship.

There are no emotional attachments involved. This term has been popularized with the sudden surge in dating sites.

For example, “My FB and I attend the same college”. In this case, you don’t mean Facebook or Follow back but F**k buddy.

There are also some not-so-common meanings for the term FB.

  • F**king Brilliant: Means extremely brilliant
  • F**k Boy: Someone who is very notorious with women
  • Funny Bone: An imaginary organ tickled whenever you hear something funny.
  • Feedback: Meaning a reaction to a product, service, or performance. This is usually used in professional environments.


FB in a text message can mean quite several things depending on the context in which it is placed.

It is notably known to mean Facebook but could also mean Friends with Benefits, Feedback, and even Funny Bone. Depending on the context, you need to be able to determine what it means.

This article has detailed what FB means in text and the various situations and gives examples of where the different meanings of FB are used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does FB Mean On Instagram?

This usually means Follow Back on Instagram, meaning following someone in return.

What Is The Meaning of FB In Social Media?

FB means Facebook, a social networking site that builds communities and allows sharing of photos and videos.

What Do FB Friends Mean?

FB friends imply Facebook friends. Facebook friends are people you have friended or connected with on the Facebook app.

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