What Does “OBJ” Mean On Facebook? (The Why & Fix)

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Have you seen OBJ on a Facebook post and you are wondering why that is there? Is it weird to you that OBJ has been added to some texts on a post?

It usually appears when you make a post on Facebook and adds emojis and or symbols that cannot be viewed by other users.

When you see the OBJ sign and you wonder why it is on your posts, the comment section, or even a direct message to someone.

In this article, you’ll learn what OBJ means on Facebook. You’ll also know why you see OBJ on a Facebook post or in a Facebook comment section.

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What Does OBJ Mean On Facebook?

OBJ is an “Object Replacement Character” that represents a character that you’ve added to a post or a character that cannot be seen by the viewer.

It may be an emoji or a symbol that you’ve added to a post or a comment on your Facebook post or in a comment, but for the sake of certain reasons on the side of the viewer, your character cannot be seen as the actual thing.

Therefore it is replaced with an OBJ () error to show that there is a character that should be seen.

Sometimes it may be your post or someone else’s posts that you do not see the symbol or image you’ve added, but all you see is the OBJ characters added to the texts you posted.

This can be worrying sometimes, especially when you want to make some sense of the images or symbols you’ve added to the posts. We’re going to show you why you see OBJ on your Facebook posts.

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Why Am I Seeing OBJ On Facebook?

You may be wondering why you see OBJ on your Facebook posts and you should know why before you can fix it.

There are several reasons why you see OBJ on Facebook and they are highlighted in this part of the article.

You are seeing OBJ on your Facebook post because your software or device is not able to display to you what was sent or posted from another software or device.

The difference in software and device is a major cause of symbols and emojis not showing hence the replacement with the object replacement character (OBJ).

It may be that you are using an Android device for Facebook but the post was made by a user using an iPhone device.

If the communication between the Android Facebook app and the iPhone Facebook app does not correspond properly, you may not see certain symbols and images.

There may be an issue with the universal code of character unique, which is why you are not able to see some symbols or images on your Facebook posts.

Unicode is a language between computers to make it easier for symbols and images from different devices to be seen across the internet.

If your Unicode is not able to interpret the symbol or emoji you will see an OBJ.

An updated version of emojis on iPhone or Android devices is also a major cause of the OBJ you see on Facebook. iPhone for instance usually updates its emojis.

If iPhone has updated its emojis and you do not see them, it means you may have your posts not showing every single thing.

It may also be as a result of bugs and glitches on the Facebook app that you are not able to see the symbols in images, hence their placement with OBJs.

If you’re having an issue with your Facebook as a result of the app cache, then you should know that you may not be able to see completely every post that has been shared.

You may end up seeing just texts without the necessary symbols and or emojis.

Another reason why you see OBJ on Facebook is that their posts were done through a voice-to-text on the device.

If you have done a voice-to-text on your iPhone and you want it to be interpreted on Facebook you may not be able to get it.

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How To Get Rid Of OBJ On Facebook

Since you know the meaning of OBJ, and why it’s showing on Facebook, here’s how you can get rid of the () errors on the app

Fix 1: Update Your iPhone And Android

Your iPhone’s OS may be outdated and you are not able to see the emojis and symbols because of that.

If you are an Android user, it may be that your operating system is outdated and you should update it before you can be able to see the latest emojis.

These are emojis that have been added to your phone’s emoji and symbols library. Follow the guidelines to update your iPhone or Android device.

For Android: Go to Settings on your Android phone > Tap on System > Tap on Advanced > Tap on System update > Tap Check for update > If available Download and install.

For iPhone: Go to Settings > Tap on General > Tap on Software Update > Tap on Download and Install.

Fix 2: Update Facebook App

Facebook also adds new emojis to its library from time to time. So if you are still using an outdated version of the Facebook App you may not be able to see the new emojis that have been added to a particular post.

Updating your Facebook could give you the chance to see this new emoji on Facebook. Follow the guidelines to update your Facebook app.

For Android: Go to Google Play Store > Search Facebook in a search section > Tap Update.

For iPhone: Go to App Store > Search Facebook in the search >Tap Update.

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Fix 3: Clear The Facebook App Cache

If you can clear the app cache on the Facebook app, you may be able to see certain emojis or symbols if it is a result of glitches. 

You may have the chance to see the symbols emojis you do not see. Follow the guidelines to clear the Facebook app cache.

For Android: Long tap the Facebook app > Tap on App info > Tap on Storage & cache > Tap Clear cache.

For iPhone: Go to Settings > Tap on General > Tap on Storage > Tap on Facebook > Tap Offload app.

Fix 4: Remove The Emojis Yourself

If you are the one who is sharing the post and you realize that those emojis turn to OBJ after posting them, it would be advisable that you remove them so that other users can see clearly what you want to post or what you want to communicate to them.


OBJ on Facebook can be very worrying sometimes, especially when you want to know the emojis or symbols that were added to a particular post to aid proper communication between you and the user.

If you are seeing OBJ on a Facebook post and you are wondering why you see that, it’s because the emoji can’t be represented properly on your device. We have also written about how you can get rid of OBJ on your Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Facebook Post See OBJ?

You are saying seeing OBJ on your Facebook because your device or software is not able to interpret the symbol or emoji that was added to the post from the other device or software on Facebook.

How To Get Rid Of OBJ On Facebook.

You can get rid of OBJ on Facebook by updating your OS or operating system, updating your Facebook app, and clearing your Facebook app cache.

What Does OBJ In A Little Box Mean?

OBJ in a little box means that the symbol or emoji that has been used on software cannot be properly interpreted by your software hence it is replaced by the object’s replacement character (OBJ).

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