Why Tinder Matches Not Showing? And How To Fix It

If your Tinder matches are not showing in the app after you receive a notification that you have gotten a like, it means there is a problem somewhere. Tinder doesn't show people the match they get, even after they have received a like.
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If you have been using Tinder to find love, and the app is not showing matches even after you receive a like, it means there is a problem. As one of the best dating apps around you couldn’t be more interested in solving the problem to continue using the app.

If your Tinder matches are not showing in the app after you receive a notification that you have gotten a like, it means there is a problem somewhere. Tinder doesn’t show people the match they get, even after they have received a like.

It shows the number of likes but doesn’t show any profile when you tap on it. There are plenty of reasons why Tinder says you have new likes but when you open the app it doesn’t show the people.

In this guide, you will learn why Tinder matches not showing on your account, and how you can fix new matches not showing on Tinder.

Why Is Tinder Not Showing Matches (Likes)?

So when Tinder says someone like me but no matches. What does this mean?

If you are getting likes and Tinder is not showing matches when you click on it, it means that they want you to pay for their premium membership to be able to view the likes.

Tinder Gold allows you to see likes, if you are using a free account you will not be able to see these likes.

1. You Don’t Have Premium Membership

With their premium membership, you will get to see who likes you, and if you like the person back you can swipe them.

This is one of the ways they get you to subscribe if you are using a free version of the app.

Marketing tactics, that I would say work, who wouldn’t want to check their new match?

When people swipe right and like you, and you don’t have a premium membership with Tinder you will not see them.

Tinder will hide their profile until you subscribe to Gold or other premium membership plans.

Since they make their money from subscriptions from users, getting more users to subscribe is their goal.

And using the like to get more people to seem to be working.

2. The Person Has Unmatched You

After you have subscribed to one of the Tinder premium membership plans like Gold or Platinum.

And then you receive a message that you have a like but when you click on it the matches aren’t showing.

When this happens after you have subscribed to Tinder Gold, it means that the person who has previously liked you has unmatched you.

If the person doesn’t like you again after liking you for a few minutes they might decide to unmatch you. This will remove them from the Like You page.

3. Both Of You Like Too Much

If you are the kind of person that like every match you see on the app, Tinder might not take you seriously, and possibly limit-matched you see every day.

This also applies to the person if they like all the profiles they see on the app.

If a person swipes right to all the profiles they see on the app claiming that they like him or her, then you receive a notification.

When you click on it you will not see any matches.

This reason is why Tinder sends you a notification that you have a like but when you open it you can’t see any profile.

How To Fix Tinder Matches Not Loading

If you are experiencing this problem on your Tinder account, it simply means that they want you to pay for a premium membership.

Fix 1: Get Tinder Gold To See Your Likes

You will need to subscribe to a premium membership on Tinder to be able to see matches and swipes.

This is one of the marketing tactics the company uses to get users to subscribe to premium.

The Like You feature is only available for Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum subscribers.

To subscribe and use the feature to see more likes that you could match with. Open Tinder > tap the profile icon > Settings > Get Tinder Gold or Get Tinder Platinum.

To see the people that have like you for possible match.

Tap the message icon on the main screen, and then tap the first profile photo with the gold border and flying heart icon Under New Matches.

You will see people that have liked you on Tinder. Tap to view them, then swipe right if you are a match or left if you are not.

Fix 2: Check Your Internet Connection

This isn’t just having a Tinder Gold account, you may have a bad internet connection that won’t allow you to view the matches on the Like You page.

When you have a poor connection certain things happen, like the contents on the app not loading properly and others.

If Tinder is not loading your Like or Matches then you need to switch to a better network connection.

Use your mobile data if you have been using Wi-Fi, and switch over to Wi-Fi if you have been using your mobile data.

You will be able to see matches as soon as your connection is restored.

Fix 3: Restart your Device

Another solution you can try if Tinder Gold not showing likes is restarting your phone, this is one of the methods that clears different problems for any device.

By just simply restarting your phone you can stop all the glitches and bugs from manifesting.

When you restart or reboot your device, open the Tinder app, and your Like will be loading and waiting for you.

To ensure you are subscribed to one of the premium memberships, if not you will not be able to see matches. Once you see the one you like swipe right.

Fix 4: Update Tinder App

If you have not updated the Tinder app for longer than you can remember, now is a good time to update.

This helps update your software and security status on the app.

If some features are not working, which includes the Like You not loading, updating the app will solve the problem.

Updating the app helps fix a lot of problems on your device.

To avoid any update when it’s rolled out, allow automatic updates on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Or you can do so manually every month.


Tinder is one of the big players in the online dating world, and using the app to find a partner can sometimes break you if the app is giving you trouble before the real trouble even begins.

If you getting a lot of matches and Tinder is not showing the Likes, it means that they want you to subscribe to Tinder Gold, if you do you will not be able to see the likes.

It is just another way of their marketing strategies. Subscribe and you will be able to see the likes you have gotten, if you like the person, swipe right.

If you are subscribed to Tinder Gold and you get a notification that you have matched, but when you click on it the match isn’t showing, it means that the person has unmatched you.

This problem can also occur when the person who likes you always swipes right to every person they see on the app.

Tinder won’t take you seriously and will decide whether to keep the like for you to see or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Tinder likes not showing up?

There are different reasons why your Tinder likes aren’t showing. If you have a weak internet connection you may not be able to see matches. If you haven’t subscribed to Tinder Gold you will not be able to see likes.

Can you super like without Tinder Plus?

Yes, you can super someone without Tinder Plus or Gold. You can super like by swiping up instead of right. But the thing is you can only super like once per day for the free version, except if you have a premium membership like Plus or Gold.

Does Tinder show all likes?

Yes, Tinder shows all like. Once you receive any like from people you will see them on the Like You page. Then you can swipe right to like them back or swipe left.

Is it normal to have zero likes on Tinder?

Yes, it’s normal and most common for men. You might sometimes not have a single match and no one seems to like you on the app. Even guys that look too good, might end up not getting likes.

Why is no one matching with me on Tinder?

Because you like every match you see. Once you do this Tinder will take you for granted. They may mark you as a bot if this continues, and you will be invisible on the feed and no one will be able to match with you again.

Can you see who disliked you on Tinder?

No, you cannot see who dislikes you on Tinder. When someone dislikes you it would be as if nothing happens and you will not be notified about it. It’s hard to figure it out, but If it has been long you can say they
dislike you.

What does the blue tick mean on Tinder?

The blue tick on Tinder means that you have been verified on the app. With the blue checkmark, people will know you are authentic and the information you provided is genuine. It shows you are who you say you are.

Can you see someone twice on Tinder?

Yes, but not with the same account. Since Tinder doesn’t allow you to see someone’s profile twice. So how do you do it? Delete your profile, make another one, and send a like again.

What is a secret admirer on Tinder?

Secret admirer on Tinder refers to the people who have been secretly watching you on the app. You can choose between four people that have already liked you. Select one of the hidden profile cards and one of them we be revealed. Then you can check out if you like the person or not.

What is a shadowban on Tinder?

Tinder shadowban means that you have been penalized without you knowing. This is for breaking any of their terms or community guidelines. If you do something too much you will be shadowed and won’t be able to do it for some time.

If you like all the profiles you see, Tinder may consider you a bot and may shadowban you and your profile will be invisible.

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