What Is A Contact Card on Tinder? (Everything You Need To Know)

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Are you an avid Tinder user and you have seen the contact card on the app, but you do not know what it does, and now you’re wondering what it means?

The dating app has several features which make it easier to save your details on the app and the contact card is no exception.

So if you want to show your information on Tinder, or you want people to know how they can reach you if you’re not available, you can use the contact card.

In this article, you’ll learn whether the contact card on Tinder is compulsory or not. You’ll also learn all about a contact cards on Tinder.

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What Is A Contact Card On Tinder?

The contact card on Tinder is a feature of the dating app that allows you to have a summary of all the essential details someone would want to know about you.

Just like the name suggests, the Tinder Contact card provides brief information about the user and a means to be contacted.

The information you can have on the Tinder contact card may include your username, full name, mail address, and your phone number.

With all this information, you can simply share your contact card with other Tinder users, especially new friends you just made on the app.

Just like meeting someone in person and offering to give your contact card to save you the stress of answering questions, you can also provide all the necessary information needed on the contact card, and just share it with other Tinder users.

You choose what information you want to have on your Tinder profile. On the card is a link to your profile which redirects the user to see more about you on the app.

It is helpful to use the contact card on Tinder to share your personal information, and avoid questions that may come.

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Interesting Thing About Tinder Contact Card

One very beneficial aspect of the Tinder contact card is that, not only can you share the contact card with Tinder users, but you can also share it with other people you know on other social media platforms.

Another interesting fact about the contact card on Tinder is that you can also print it out and give it to your date or someone in person. It has on it your QR code that sends the user to your Tinder profile.

How Do I Use The Tinder Contact Card

Using the Tinder contact card is quite simple, and you’ll be able to share the card with whoever you want to on the app, provided you have already initiated a conversation.

On the Tinder app, if you want to share your Tinder contact card with your date, you can use this guide.

Step 1: Open The Tinder App

On your home screen or Apps menu, launch the Tinder app on your Android or iOS device. Login to your Tinder account if you are not already logged in, and continue.

Step 2: Go To A Chat On The App

If you want to share your contact card with your date on the app, just go to your conversation with the user and tap on the contact card symbol located in the bottom left corner of your chat page.

Step 3: Choose The Contact Card

Here, if you have more than one contact card on the app, you can select which contact card you want to share and send.

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How To Create A Contact Card on Tinder

It’s not difficult to create a contact card on Tinder. You can create a Tinder card by using TinderMe.cards which allows you to create a simple professional contact card on the app.

It is easy and you can learn how to create a Tinder contact card using these simple steps:

NB: Right now the website for creating Contact Card on Tinder isn’t available, and it seems to be shut down.

Step 1: Open A Web Browser

Launch a web browser on your Android, iPhone device, or PC. Use the TinderMe.cards to access the site to create a contact card on Tinder. Input your Tinder account logins to continue.

Step 2: Insert Your Details

To make the contact card complete, you should provide all the essential details which include your name, profession, mail, phone number, and profile link.

Step 3: Download Your Contact Card

After you are done providing all the required details, you can download the PDF format of your Tinder contact card.

In all the sizes you prefer, you can choose the option and download your contact card to be shared.


The contact card feature on the Tinder app is one very interesting feature you can use the app to share a summary of your personal information.

Using the contact card can save you the stress of answering certain questions about yourself.

Since you can share your Tinder contact card even outside the app, you can utilize its use on every platform and even in person.

If you are a Tinder user, it will be very necessary to create a Tinder card using the guidelines provided in this article and share it with friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Send A Snapchat Contact Card On Tinder?

Yes, you can send a Snapchat contact card on Tinder. You can do this by using the share option that Snapchat provides.

With the Snapchat contact card, tap the QR icon located next to your username and choose the Share option. Select the Tinder app and the contact you want to share the card with, and share.

What Does Tinder Do With Contacts?

Tinder does not do anything with your contacts. It only syncs your contacts and makes it easier for you to contact your contacts who are also users of the Tinder app.

How Do you Keep Contacts from seeing you on Tinder?

You can decide to keep yourself private from some contacts on Tinder by simply blocking them. This is how you can block someone on the Tinder app. Open the Tinder app on your android or iPhone > Open your Tinder Profile > Go to Settings > Select Block Contacts.

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