Share My Location Not Working On iPhone: See Why & How To Fix It

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To use Share My Location on your iPhone, you’ll have to first enable it on your device before you can start using it.

When you encounter difficulties to Share your Location on your iPhone, there are a few things that could be the cause of the problem.

It might be that the Location Services is not enabled, or you don’t have an active internet connection. There might be other reasons why Share My Location is not working on your iPhone.

In this article, you’ll learn why, and how to fix the Share My Location issue on your iPhone.

Why Is Share My Location Not Working?

So far, there are a few reasons why your iPhone Share My Location is not working.

One of the core reasons is that you are yet to enable iPhone Share My Location on your iOS device.

It could be that you do not have an active internet connection on your iPhone to use this function on your device.

But enabling Share My Location, checking your internet connection, disabling restrictions, and logging into your iCloud account might fix the problem.

How To Fix Share My Location On iPhone

Knowing how to fix Share My Location on your iPhone is very helpful and below are the working fixes when Share My Location is not working on your iPhone.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Firstly, you need to check your iPhone internet connection and if it is off, quickly turn it on and endeavor to have a working data subscription or WiFi connection.

To do this, go to Settings > Tap on Mobile Data > Turn On if it is Off. You’ll also need to be sure you have an active data subscription or WiFi.

Fix 2: Turn On Locations Services

It might be that you’ve not turned on the Location service on your device and it can be a leading factor for Share My Location not working. To enable it on your iPhone.

Go to Settings > select Privacy > tap on Location Services > Toggle it on to enable it on your device.

Fix 3: Sign in to your iCloud Account

In some iOS versions when you want to use the Share My Location feature, you’ll need to first Sign in to your iCloud account.

Normally, Find My iPhone uses iCloud to locate where your device is.

To sign in to iCloud, Open Settings > Tap on your Apple ID > Enter Apple ID and password > Afterward tap Find My > Toggle on Share My Location.

Fix 4: Turn Off Restrictions

You may have mistakenly disabled Share My Location on your iPhone when you accept some Content & Privacy restriction policies.

Navigate to Settings > Tap on Privacy > Location Services > Tap Find My iPhone > Select Always or While Using depending on which option you prefer.

Fix 5: Allow Find My iPhone Permission

When you have not yet allowed Find My iPhone permission on your device, you’ll find it difficult to get a precise location. In that case, you’ll need to allow location permission.

Go to iPhone Settings > Navigate to Privacy > Tap Location Services > Find My iPhone > Select When Using or Always.

Fix 6: Install the Latest iOS Version

Sometimes, using an old iOS version can be another reason as to why Share My Location is not working. So update to the latest iOS version and to do this.

Open Settings > Tap Software Update > Install Available Update.

Fix 7: Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

When you encounter a problem like Share My Location not working, quickly turning on and off Airplane mode can fix some minor issues.

Go to Settings > Tap General > Move to Airplane mode > Turn it On > Then turn it Off.

After doing these fixes, Share My Location will be working properly on your iPhone. But if it doesn’t, then you’ll have to contact Apple Support for help.


As a core Apple iPhone user, you need to learn why and how to fix the Share My Location error message or when it is not working properly.

FAQs on How To Fix Share My Location Not Working On iPhone

There are a few reasons which could be that; you've not enabled Share My Location, or you don't have an active internet connection.

You can try a few things which involve checking if Share My Location is enabled, ensuring you have a stable internet connection, signing in to your iCloud Account, enabling Location Services, and turning Off Restrictions.

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