How To Fix “Nearby Friends Not Showing” On Facebook [Solved]

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The Nearby Friends option on Facebook is a feature that allows you to send friend requests to people around you.

This means that you are allowed to connect to users who have chosen the same location as you have. One of them might even be your next-door neighbor.

Most users have been complaining that they no longer see the Nearby Friends option, and they are worried that the feature has been disabled by Facebook.

In this article, you will learn how to fix “nearby friends not showing” on Facebook.

Why You No Longer See Nearby Friends On Facebook

The reason you can no longer see the Nearby Friends feature on Facebook is that, as feared, Facebook has disabled and gotten rid of that feature.

This happened in the middle of 2022 and this is not the only feature they discarded. They also got rid of the Weather Alerts, Location History, and Background Location options.

How To Fix “Nearby Friends Not Showing” On Facebook

There is only one way to fix this situation and it is to download a version of Facebook that existed before 2022.

This means you will be using an older version of Facebook on your mobile device and any update will cause the Nearby Friends to feature to disappear.

Step 1: Delete Facebook

Since the older version of Facebook you are about to download is a third-party software, you have to delete the official version from your mobile device.

To do this, long press on the Facebook app and select the remove option.

This will only work on Android devices. You can’t download old version apps outside of the App Store

Step 2: Find The Old Version

Launch the web browser on your phone and visit

Search for the Facebook apk, do not click on the link that will lead you to your phone’s store.

You can go to and select a version that existed before 2022 when prompted.

Different sites will allow you to download the old version of the Facebook app. Find the one before May 2022.

Here is one of the old versions of Facebook that were uploaded on April, 22.

Step 3: Download

Click on Download and select Download anyway if there is a warning message. After the file has been downloaded, locate it and click on it to install.

If it is your first time installing an apk, you may get an error message, to resolve it, you’ll need to allow your phone to install from an unknown source.


All the steps listed above are only compatible with an Android device, so if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, then you are out of luck.

When downloading the app, make sure that you are not downloading a virus. And even have an antivirus installed on your device.

FAQs On How To Fix “Nearby Friends Not Showing” On Facebook

This is because, in July 20222, Facebook permanently decided to take off this feature from its platform so it introduced an update that did that.


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