Can’t Swipe Up Screen on iPhone To See Apps? See Why & How To Fix It

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What happens when you can’t swipe up on your iPhone screen? You will lose control to close and see apps on your iPhone. 

There are several reasons your iPhone may be stuck and can’t use the gesture navigation to swipe left or up to see apps.

We know reading through this article means you are finding it difficult on your iPhone to swipe up the screen.

However, this article will provide you with the guide on how to fix it when you can’t can’t swipe up on your device.

Why Can’t I Swipe Up On My iPhone?

Your iPhone may be stuck on the home screen for several reasons, and when this happens, you may find it difficult to control your phone.

The swipe-up is a crucial aspect of an iPhone, and here are some reasons why swipe up is not working on your iPhone.

1. Improper settings

The reason why your iPhone can’t swipe up to recent apps may be because of improper Settings on your device.

Wrong settings may immensely affect the swipe feature on your device. If this is the issue with your iPhone, it is essential that you force restart your iPhone. 

This will help refresh your device and also help you access your device.

2. Problems with the Touch screen

If there is an issue with your touch screen, you may find it difficult to swipe up and down. In most cases, with touch screen issues, you should replace the screen. 

3. Issues with the software

One common problem with iPhone not being able to swipe up, down or left is often problems with the software.

This may occur when your software is outdated or the new update has a bug. Most users with iOS 16 has experience issue swiping left.

When there are issues with the software, you can resolve them easily with some tips that will be listed in this article. 

How To Fix Can’t Swipe Up On iPhone?

When swiping from the home screen becomes a problem on your iPhone device, you can easily fix these yourself without needing the help of a professional.

Here are some easy proven steps on how to fix can’t swipe up on iPhone.

One of the major reason why you can’t swipe up on your iPhone is the “search” option on the home screen.

This feature is usually on the home screen, and when you restrict this feature on the home screen, you will find it easy to swipe on your iPhone in any direction.

Steps on how to turn off the home screen search on iPhone

  1. Open your iPhone Settings
  2. Click on the Home Screen
  3. Toggle off Show on Home Screen.

Fix 2: Force Restart your iPhone device

If you can’t swipe up on your iPhone, the best fix for you is to force restart your device.

Not to be confused with a factory reset, this process will help fix most of the internal problems that may be hindering the swipe-up option. It is pretty straightforward.

Steps on how to force restart an iPhone x and above:

For an iPhone X and others, press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons. This may require some seconds. 

Afterward, the slider will come up. Then, you can force restart your device. Note that, with this process, you will not lose any of your data.

Steps on how to force restart an iPhone 8:

For an iPhone 8, press and hold either the side or top button till the slider comes up.

Steps on how to force restart an iPhone 7 and 7-plus:

For an iPhone 7 and 7-plus, press and hold either the side or top button with the down volume button until the slider comes up.

Steps on how to force-restart an iPhone 6, 6-plus, and others:

Press and hold the home and side/top buttons until the slider comes up on the screen.

Fix 3: Reset Home Screen Layout

For most users who have updated their iOS version and they can’t still swipe Home screen page, resetting the Home Screen layout will fix the problem.

To reset the Home Screen Layout

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Select General.
  • Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Select Reset.
  • Tap on Reset Home Screen Layout.

Fix 4: Factory Reset your iPhone Device

When and if other solutions are not working for your device, consider the factory reset option.

With a factory reset, you will lose all of your data, and in exchange, your iPhone will become clean, any issues that could be affecting the swipe-up feature will most likely be deactivated, and your iPhone will work better.

Also, before you factory reset your device, ensure that your data is completely back up on iCloud. This will help prevent data loss once your phone starts working well.

Steps to factory reset your iPhone

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Click on General
  3. Select Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Click on Erase All content and Settings
  5. Tap Continue and Enter your passcode

Fix 5: Fix your LCD Cable and Logic Board

One of the major causes you can’t swipe up or left on your iPhone home screen could be a disconnection between your LCD cable and logic board.

However, you can fix this yourself or find a professional that can help you get it fixed.

First, note that your LCD cable and logic board are beneath your iPhone camera.

To fix this, you need to push down your screen firmly. This will most likely help you connect the logic board and the LCD cable. 

Fix 6: Activate the Control Center Access on your device’s lock screen

One easy way to fix your iPhone swipe up not working is to enable the control center access on your device.

If the control center on the lock screen is deactivated, you may not be able to swipe up. However, you can fix this in these few steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Touch ID & passcode and tap on the Allow access when locked option. Then, enable the toggle for the control center.

Fix 7: Reset All Settings on your iPhone

Another easy way to fix the swipe up issue on your iPhone is to reset all settings. This solution will not only resolve the swipe issues but will also help resolve other problems on your device.

Steps to reset all settings:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Select Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Tap Reset
  5. Click on Reset All Settings

Fix 8: Update to the latest iOS

If you are not using the current version of the iOS update, you may experience some glitches on your device. We recommend you update your device to the current iOS version. 

This will help you gain control of your iPhone and fix any software-related issues.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Software update.
  4. If there is an available version, click download and install.


If you’re not able to swipe up to see recent apps on your iPhone, there are a few fixes you can do to help solve the problem.

You can reset the Home Screen layout and you’ll be able to swipe up again.

Also, if you can’t swipe on your iPhone, some of our listed solutions will help you resolve the problem.

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