How To Upload Videos On YouTube From Your iPhone or iPad

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Uploading videos to YouTube is a great way to share your content with the world, and it’s easier than ever to create and upload videos on the go with your iPhone.

Having a YouTube channel also requires you to know how to upload videos irrespective of the device you use.

If you want to upload videos that exceeds 15 minutes, you’ll have to verify your YouTube account by visiting

In this article, you’ll learn how to upload videos on YouTube from your iPhone and iPad via the YouTube app.

How To Upload Videos On YouTube From iPhone And iPad Using The App

The YouTube app is the quickest way to upload videos on your YouTube channel if you’re using an iPhone or iPad.

First of all, you’ll have to download and install the YouTube app on your device and then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download and open the YouTube app

If you don’t have the YouTube app, download it from App Store on your iPhone or iPad to start. After downloading, open the YouTube App and sign in.

Step 2: Sign in

Once you’ve signed in, tap on the + icon positioned at the bottom of your display to show other options.

Step 3: Select Upload a Video

After you tap on the + icon, tap on Upload a video and select Continue. Now tap on Allow access to All Photos in the prompt message.

When you’ve allowed access, you will see all the videos you’ve recorded. This will make it easier for upload.

Step 4: Tap on Next

After you see the video you want to upload on your YouTube channel, tap Next at the bottom right to continue.

Step 5: Add title & description

You’ll be required to add title and description to the video. Set the visibility as Public to share the video with everybody. Then tap on Next at the top right.

Step 6: Tap Upload

To finish up the process, tap on Upload video to show your video live.

After doing these steps, your video will be live on your channel after uploading is completed.


In this article, you’ll discover that it is very easy to upload videos on YouTube from your iPhone and iPad than you thought.

Use the YouTube App or website on your browser to achieve a seamless uploading process.

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