8 Tips To Win Tanks iMessage Game On iOS

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Have you ever tried to win the Tanks iMessage game only to lose time after time? If yes, this article is just for you.

iMessage game is a feature that allows you to play two-player games with whoever you message. On iMessage, you can play games using Gamepigeon.

Gamepigeon contains over 20 games like Tanks, Paintball, and Sea Battle. Tanks iMessage game is one of the most played games on Gamepigeon.

In this article, you’ll learn how to win the Tanks iMessage game. You’ll learn how to play and get tips and strategies that lead you to victory when playing Tanks.

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What Is Tanks iMessage Game?

Tanks is one of the many games offered by Gamepigeon, an iMessage extension that features many games exclusive to iOS devices.

The Tanks game aims to destroy other tanks and prevent your Tank from getting hit by enemy tanks.

You can use specific tools like rockets, land mines, dirt removers, and slingers to ensure you win the game.

Tanks iMessage Game requires a lot of practice and strategy to emerge victorious.

How To Access Tanks On iMessage

Here’s how you get the Tanks games to your iMessage app and play with your friends. You’ll also see how you can win the Tanks iMessage game.

Step 1: Open iMessage

Tap on the iMessage app on your iOS device, choose the person you want to play the Tanks game with, and tap on the conversation.

Step 2: Tap App Store

On the app bar on top of the keyboard, tap on the App Store button.

In the search bar, search for Gamepigeon, which is the app with the green pigeon on it, and click on the Get button to download it.

Step 3: Tap Gamepigeon

After the download is completed, open the iMessage app, and tap on the conversation of the person you would like to play the Tanks game with.

Select the Gamepigeon app from the bar on top of your keyboard.

Step 4: Start The Game

From the list of games displayed, select Tanks. The game will start once the person accepts the invitation to play.

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How To Play Tanks iMessage Game

Fortunately for some, Tank’s iMessage game is relatively easy and does not require foreknowledge.

Of course, you first need to open the Tanks game in iMessage and send out the invitation to whoever you wish to play with.

Next, you need to remember some basic information that is of tremendous help to you: The game aims to destroy your opponent’s Tank before they destroy yours.

Each Tank has three lives, which must be used wisely.

Certain strategies need to be employed; otherwise, your Tank will be destroyed very quickly in the game.

When the game begins, select a terrain to lie on. You have the freedom to choose between flat terrain and valley terrain.

You can click on target practice to prepare for the game. This does not count as part of the main game.

To hit your opponent’s Tank, you need to set the angle and power levels to ensure the bomb hits their Tank.

There is a castle between you and your opponent’s tank and the angle and power levels need to be set while considering the size and position of the castle.

Once you are set, tap on Fire to drop your bomb on your opponent’s Tank.

Your reaction when playing needs to be quick as you need to predict the other player’s moves.

Wind also plays a huge role when laying to consider its direction and strength before firing the bomb.

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Tips on How to Win Tanks iMessage Game

Since Tanks iMessage game is a game founded on strategy and tactics, here are some tips to guarantee your success when playing the game.

  1. Be strategic about the opponent you pick.
  2. Be sure to pick someone who is on the same level of experience with the game as you are.
  3. Try moving around a lot, so you don’t get hit.
  4. Pick your power and angle level carefully and strategically.
  5. Pick a terrain to play in based on the type of Tank you have.
  6. Use boosts to help you destroy your opponent’s tanks
  7. Be focused when playing, and don’t let anything in real life distract you.
  8. Lastly, make sure to practice, practice, and practice.


The Tanks iMessage game is one top-rated game on Gamepigeon which always leaves players asking about the best way to win the game.

To play you need to send an invite to the person you wish to play with using the iMessage app.

FAQs About Tips To Win Tanks iMessage Game On iOS

Unfortunately, Tanks iMessage game is available only to iOS devices with the iMessage app installed.

Practice all the time to increase your experience level and try to anticipate the other player’s moves.

Boosts are available as an in-app purchase.

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