How To Delete Frequently Used Emojis From Keyboard On iPhone [Recent one Too]

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If you have used an emoji that you find awful and never want to use it again, and you don’t want someone seeing these emojis on your phone, you can clear them with few clicks.

Fortunately, there are various ways you can use to clear frequently used emojis on your iPhone.

In this article, you will learn how to delete frequently used emojis on your iPhone. There are different methods to do this.

How To Clear Frequently Used Emojis On iPhone

There are 5 ways you can use to delete all frequently and recently used emojis on your iPhone:

Method 1: Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Resetting the iPhone keyboard dictionary is one of the easiest ways to clear recently used emojis on iPhones.

This method will help you delete all the words and emojis you’ve saved with your keyboard and reset it back to how it was when you first got it.

To reset the keyboard dictionary, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Tap on the General option
  3. Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Tap on Reset
  5. Under the reset menu, tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary

After doing this, you will be asked to enter your Passcode, then click on Reset Dictionary again.

Once the reset is completed, your iPhone keyboard will go back to default settings, and the custom words you have typed on the keyboard will be deleted, as well as the predictive texts.

Method 2: Edit Keyboard

Editing the iPhone keyboard setting is very simple. With this method, you can easily customize your emojis by deleting the ones you may not need and keeping the important ones.

To Edit keyboard settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General > Keyboards
  3. Tap Keyboards again
  4. After that, swipe left next to the emoji and tap on Delete.

This will make your keyboard go back to how it was when you first got your iPhone. 

Method 3: Reset your Settings

Resetting your settings is another method to clear recently used emojis.

However, It is not recommended that you should reset your iPhone’s settings just for this, but if you had it in mind to do this before, then, go to SettingsGeneral > Transfer or reset iPhone > tap Reset > tap Reset all settings.

Doing this will erase all your iPhone settings.

Method 4: Use a Third-Party Keyboard

Another option is to use a third-party keyboard that will allow you to remove unwanted emojis from your iPhone.

Using a third-party keyboard will reset your keyboard back to default settings. Which means all the emojis and text suggestions will be deleted. 

There are hundreds of third-party keyboards you can download from the App Store.

After you download the third-party keyboard app of your choice, go to Settings, Tap General > Keyboard > Keyboards, Then Add New Keyboard

After that, scroll down, and from under third-party keyboards, choose the new keyboard you want to add and enable Allow Full Access.

Method 5: To Remove Memoji Stickers

Clearing a Memoji sticker from the emoji keyboard in iOS is a straightforward process. Steps on how to remove Memoji stickers:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iOS device
  2. Tap General 
  3. Tap Keyboard
  4. Turn off the switch next to the Memoji stickers


We all have one emoji we hope to get rid of someday, some of which we do not feel comfortable seeing on our devices.

However, with our easy step-by-step methods on how to clear frequently used emojis on iPhone, you can now clear them off in a few seconds.

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