Timothy M. Iyekowa
Founder, Techvocast

Timothy Iyekowa is the founder of, with 4+ years of experience in consumer technology, and 2+ years of experience in social media.

He also has over 2+ years of experience in web and media, and he’s currently diving into blockchain/cryptocurrencies to become an active investor in the space.

Timothy had written over 300 well research articles that aim to solve users’ problems. He writes from Android to iOS, internet, network, games, messaging apps, social media apps, and apps that require fixes.

You’ll also find him covering features, and sometimes he talks about the latest technology development from Africa and their flex.

Timothy has been a reference from top media publications and aims to provide a details analysis of correct info to attract mainstream media.

When he isn’t writing content for Techvocast, he’s busy working out on other projects, or you can see him playing games like Grand Thefts Auto, for which he creates guides.

He also helps consumers find the latest deals on products, from the discounted price of the newly released game to the phone they want to buy.

If he isn’t doing any of this, he may probably be watching the newly released movies by Marvel, DC, Disney, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Well, he may probably share it with you.