How to delete your Twitter tweets using TweetDelete

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Twitter does not allow you to delete all your tweet as it only supports one tweet delete at a time, so we are picking a service for this feature, many services can help you manage and delete your tweet, some of them which are free and some charge for monthly subscription fees.

Want an undo tweet on Twitter, you’ll have to pay for it

Twitter is reportedly testing an ‘undo tweet’ feature that lets you undo your tweet after few seconds of posting. For some users, it’s the feature they just want, but it, not an edit button, you can only undo it. The new feature from Twitter will help users to undo tweets they just posted. But it’s more than that.

Twitter wants you to watch YouTube video from a tweet

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The feature will allow users to watch videos easily without opening another app, just like another social massaging app like WhatsApp. Where you don’t have to open and load the other app. With this in mind, Twitter is bringing more features to the table.

Twitter stories: But it’s called Twitter Fleets

Twitter Fleets

Twitter group product manager Mo Aladham said, Fleets is for users to share “casual, everyday thoughts.” And no, don’t think of Fleet as another way of your 24 hours display channel. The tool doesn’t allow retweet — and of course it doesn’t. No like too. But you can reply to Direct Message.

Twitter is testing a new way for users to follow accounts

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Twitter is testing a new feature that let users follow more than one account in a single click. Twitter says the feature will suggest accounts that you may want to follow on the profile of someone that you’ve already follow — recommended based on the users profile and connection.