How to reset Apple ID password if you’ve forgotten it

Reset Apple ID password

Without having access to your Apple account, you can’t back up or even restore your data. Before you can reset your Apple ID password, make sure you’ve access to your phone number or your email address you used when creating your Apple ID. If you don’t have access to it you can’t reset your Apple ID password.

How to set up visual voicemail on iPhone

With the visual voicemail you can also share or delete voicemail. You can save your visual voicemail as notes or voice memos, organize, delete, or share them with other apps or transfer to another device. If you’re in a supported country you maybe able to read transcript of the voicemail. If you haven’t set up voicemail for your iPhone yes here’s how you can set it up with just a few tap.

How to soft and force restart an iPhone

When you soft reset, or force restart your iPhone your data won’t be lost, it will only refresh your phone and set everything running smoothly. You can use force restart when your screen isn’t working properly.

How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad

Factory resetting your iPhone or iPad removed all your data on the device. The device will go back to its default settings (the way it came.) You can reset your iPhone from your phone settings easily, but there is more to it.

How to create an Apple ID account on any device

An Apple ID is the account you use to access Apple services like iCloud, App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV, and more. Your Apple account includes the email address and password that you use to sign in, and all the contact, payment, and security details that you’ll use across Apple services.

How to delete a Google Account

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Deleting Google Account will not immediately remove your account, it’s going to take some time — so during this time, you can still restore back your account.