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To get the verification tick on Instagram, you’ll need to make that you’ve properly set up your Instagram profile and complete everything that’s is required. If you haven’t, here are the things that you need to note before applying for verification on Instagram.

Instagram announced yesterday that English speaking countries will be the first to get the feature, and users will be able to search for keyword that are topic base. Starting from 17, November, 2020, six English speaking countries will get the search upgrade and that include the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and others.

Not forgetting why all top brand is adding dark mode to their apps; to make it easier for the user to operate at night. From changing your background color scheme to a black; you presume to be saving your battery. YouTube, Slack, Twitter, Evernote, Google Keep, and Gmail all have dark mode—and Instagram is not let out, because you can now enable dark mode for Instagram on your smartphone.

One of the few changes, or addition made today was how live stream videos can also be gotten back, and replay just like stories. If you live stream a video you’ll be able to see it on your private achieve for up to 30 days — you can download the content from the achieve and enable you published elsewhere.

The new Instagram old stories feature will let you see old stories posted from three years back, its will include a new monthly calendars view that shows the day you posted the stories while the map view shows you the place a story was posted. The Instagram stories map and monthly calendar view can be accessed from the Archive menu from your profile.