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Techvocast is a future tech media that help to get the most out of technology and by engaging our audience through remarkable stories and insight. The Definite guide for all things tech, we highlight the latest in technology, science and gaming to you in respective of your location, with a focus on three characteristics, ie: dependability, customer service and uniqueness. Opinion based article, technology news, reviewing products, buyer’s guide and how to guide.

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A great story that shows how you can take the idea of ‘free’ and make it profitable.

Iyekowa Timothy
Founder/Publisher at Techvocast
Iyekowa Timothy is a creator and founder at Techvocast. He is from Nigeria, Benin City inclusive where he study computer science. He's integrating technology in every aspect with a digital focus on humanity with tech. Funny when know and great to be with. In addition to dealing with all the important school work he'll find the time to run the blog and come up with exciting new ideas. Trying out new cool stuff.

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