Want an undo tweet on Twitter, you’ll have to pay for it

Twitter is reportedly testing an ‘undo tweet’ feature that lets you undo your tweet after few seconds of posting. For some users, it’s the feature they just want, but it, not an edit button, you can only undo it. The new feature from Twitter will help users to undo tweets they just posted. But it’s more than that.

Twitter wants you to watch YouTube video from a tweet

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The feature will allow users to watch videos easily without opening another app, just like another social massaging app like WhatsApp. Where you don’t have to open and load the other app. With this in mind, Twitter is bringing more features to the table.

You can now assign specific wallpaper to your WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp wallpapers

WhatsApp on December 1st announced a new update that bring a new feature, which allow you to assign different wallpaper to any individual chat. And of course, it’s all your choice — you don’t have to assign wallpaper to every chats — just choose the people you normally chat with. But if you want to, you can, to separate what’s what.

Snapchat will pay creators to post on Spotlight — its newly launched built in-app

Snapchat spotlight

Hey, if you’re TikTok creator, you’ll probably want to join Spotlight right now, because they are paying creators everyday, starting today — but for those with the highest unique view. Spotlight is an in-app built in Snapchat, you can use it to create a 60 second long video, and it has is own tab in Snapchat.

Instagram is bringing keyword search, and it’s just like a topic

Instagram search keyword

Instagram announced yesterday that English speaking countries will be the first to get the feature, and users will be able to search for keyword that are topic base. Starting from 17, November, 2020, six English speaking countries will get the search upgrade and that include the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and others.

Twitter stories: But it’s called Twitter Fleets

Twitter Fleets

Twitter group product manager Mo Aladham said, Fleets is for users to share “casual, everyday thoughts.” And no, don’t think of Fleet as another way of your 24 hours display channel. The tool doesn’t allow retweet — and of course it doesn’t. No like too. But you can reply to Direct Message.

Google wants to teach you how to use Chrome by using tutorial videos

Google Chrome how-tos

In chrome they are flag that are used to enable some kind of functionality, and now a new flag has recently being added in the Dev and Canary Chrome called #video-tutorial. Once you open the flag and set it to ‘Enabled’ a new video card will appear below the sites shortcut. From this video card, different tutorials videos will appear cycling around. Once you tap any of the video a list of videos will appear giving you all tutorials on how to use Chrome browser.

Messenger now has vanished mode just like WhatsApp disappearing message

Instagram update

The feature in detail will cause the message or stickers being sent to delete once the users have received, read it and close the chat window. So, each message disappear once the receiver has read and close the window. It quite different from the WhatsApp disappearing message — because you only have to turn it on your self and not some two agreement between two people.

WhatsApp disappearing messages is coming in new update


Before the next WhatsApp update with the feature, the company has already prepared a guide, on how to use the disappearing message in an FAQ section on its website. So, there are things you need to know before even engaging to use the disappearing message — its shows all the information you need on the disappearing message.

Google Assistant is now available for Samsung Smart TVs

Image: Google Blog

The new Google Assistant addition for Samsung Smart TV will be available for all its 2020 model lineup. Samsung previously had a voice command, which is the Samsung owned default Bixby Assistant — with the mic on the remote you can use a voice command to control your TV. For you to use Google Assistant you’ll have to switch.