What “You Are All Caught Up For Now” On Facebook Mean?

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Are you an active Facebook user? Have you ever come across the “You are all caught up for now” notification while scrolling through your feed?

That may not be an issue, but it is quite annoying when you find it difficult to scroll past the notification.

When this happens, it may become difficult to see posts uploaded earlier. You may wonder why the issue continues to persist as you continue to use Facebook.

In this article, you’ll know what “you are all caught up for now” mean on Facebook. You’ll also learn how to fix “you are all caught up for now” on Facebook.

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What Does ‘You Are All Caught Up For Now’ Mean On Facebook?

This message notifies that you have viewed all posts uploaded in the past two days.

The “You are all caught up for now” notification is an internal Facebook feature that serves to regulate the user’s experience.

Facebook deliberately puts the tiniest of breaks in your ‘Feed’ watching experience to alert you that you have watched all posts uploaded in the last 48 hours.

Any other post you see beyond this notification is a post uploaded from earlier days.

You are all caught up for now Facebook glitch “Something Went Wrong”, you can scroll downwards after seeing this notification to access posts uploaded from earlier days.

However, scrolling past this notification may not work. You may see another notification, “Something went wrong.”

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Why Do I see “Something Went Wrong” On Facebook?

You may be seeing “Something went wrong” on Facebook as a result of a poor internet connection.

A poor internet connection stops the loading of your opened content. You may have also run out of cellular data.

Another reason for this is that it may be an internal issue Facebook is working on. It may be a glitch that has nothing to do with your device or your internet connection.

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How To Disable “You are all Caught up for Now” On Facebook.

As things stand now, you cannot disable the “You are all Caught up for Now” notification as there is no feature on Facebook that allows users to disable that notification.

All you need to do is scroll past it to have access to other posts uploaded earlier.

The issue is however with successfully scrolling past the notification. You may see another notification: “Something went wrong.”

How To Fix “Something Went Wrong on Facebook”

A lot of Facebook users have expressed concern about seeing that notification frequently. Here is how to fix the issue.

Fix 1: Reload Your ‘Feed’ page.

All you may need to do is to reload the Facebook page a couple of times. The rest of the posts should be accessible afterward.

Here is how to go about it; Log in to your Facebook account either on a web browser or the application.

Manually scroll upwards on your feed page, and a small reloading animation shows at the top of the screen and within seconds, the page gets reloaded.

Fix 2: Log Out And Log In To Your Facebook Account.

If the problem persists, an effective course of action is to log out of your Facebook account and Log in once more.

Here is how to go about it: Open your Facebook >Tap on the options button > Log Out.

If you have logged in to your account on different devices, you will to have log out separately.

If your account details have been saved, you will simply have to tap on your account [which is represented by an icon of your profile picture] to log back in.

However, if your account details have not been saved, you will have to provide your username and your password to log back in.

Logging out and logging in compels Facebook to ‘reboot’ your account. You will then have access to all posts, whether new or old.

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Fix 3: Log In To Your Facebook Account On A Different Device.

You can also log in to your Facebook Account on a different device. If you are using your Facebook account on a mobile phone, you can switch to a desktop computer or a laptop.

Fix 4: Contact Facebook For Help

To stay safe and to have trustworthy troubleshooting of your problem you may want to contact Facebook to gain assistance from them.

You can contact them through their Help Centre. You can also lodge your complaint to them through email.

You can contact the Facebook Help Centre and report your issue for a fix.

Go to Facebook on your Android or iPhone > Tap on the options button > Tap Help & Support > Help

The help center has several guidelines grouped into categories for you to choose from for you to fix any issue you may encounter while using Facebook.

Facebook E-mail

You can also reach out to Facebook through their E-mail account to have your issues attended to. Their official Email address is [email protected].


Facebook Newsfeed is where you get to see posts and updates from friends and groups.

When you see the ‘You are all caught up’ notification while scrolling down, all it simply means is that you have seen all posts uploaded in the last 48 hours.

All other posts beyond that are posts from earlier days. In scrolling past this notification, you may sometimes come across another notification: ‘Something Went Wrong’.

This could be a result of a poor internet connection. It could also be a technical issue Facebook is working on.

To resolve this issue you can simply reload your Newsfeed page a few times. You can also log out and log back in. You may also want to reach out to Facebook to have your issues resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Facebook Saying You Are All Caught Up?

It means you have viewed all posts uploaded in the last two days or 48 hours.

How Do You Turn Off You Are All Caught Up Message On Your Facebook?

There is currently no way to turn off your are all caught up messages on Facebook.

How Do I Get My Facebook News Feed Back To Normal?

You can get your Facebook news feed back to normal by following the simple guidelines. Tap on the top right of Facebook > Tap Settings > Tap “Feed” under Preferences > Tap any of the following options to adjust your Feed preferences: Manage Favorites to select people and Pages that you want to see more of.

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