Why Is My Tiktok Views Suddenly Dropping? (13 Ways To Fix It)

We've compiled a list of why your TikTok views on your content are dropping, even after you've created great content. The factors vary from account to account.
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Why TikTok views suddenly dropping

The reason your TikTok views are suddenly dropping is that the video you uploaded is not engaging, it’s a sensitive, shorter video, you’re new to TikTok, post too many videos at very short intervals, etc.

TikTok is a social media platform for young people. And with short videos, anyone can go viral. But what if you’re not seeing any improvement, and instead your views are suddenly dropping?

In this article, you’ll learn the reasons why your TikTok views are suddenly dropping, and how you can fix it.

What To Do When Your TikTok Views Drop

If your TikTok views are dropping after getting thousands of views a few days ago, it means that your content is less than what you started with.

There are different reasons why your views are suddenly dropping on TikTok.

But this is what you can do when you’re experiencing this issue on your account.

Don’t post sensitive videos on your page, once you do, your videos will not be able to reach more audiences.

Make the video engaging. Engaging content helps you get more views and reach more people on the app.

Use Duets to join trending challenges and reach more views. Also use hashtags and captions on your videos.

Always stick to one niche on your TikTok account, if you’re spread across multiple niches, your views will gradually reduce.

  1. You’re New on Tiktok
  2. Sensitive Content
  3. Very Short Video
  4. Post Too Many Videos
  5. Boring Content
  6. You Were Shadow Banned
  7. Posted At The Wrong Time
  8. Not Following Trend
  9. Copied Content or Video
  10. Your Video Is In Review
  11. Very High Competitors
  12. Video Without Caption
  13. Algorithm Change
  14. Posting On Different Niches
  15. Un-Regular Post

Why Are My Views On TikTok Suddenly Dropping?

Different reasons affect your TikTok views, and for the most, it even affects people with good content.

If your TikTok video views suddenly drop, it may be that you posted sensitive content, or you’re new to TikTok.

We’ve compiled a list of why your TikTok views on your content are dropping, even after you’ve created great content. The factors vary from account to account.

How To Fix TikTok Views Suddenly Dropped Issue

If you want to fix your TikTok to get more views the next time you post a video, you should use the guide below.

There are things you need to do, and things you shouldn’t do on the app. To get more views on TikTok here’s what you need to do.

Fix 1: Don’t Post Right Away

If you just created an account with TikTok, the best thing to do is to wait and not post any content yet.

If you do, your post will not get any views, because TikTok hasn’t trusted you enough.

You just created a new account, posted a video, and expecting views is a no-no. You have to give it time.

Once you create an account, you should wait at least a week before uploading any content to your page. By this time the algorithm might work in your favor.

Fix 2: Don’t Post Sensitive Content

If you are the type that likes to post sensitive content on your page, you’ll not get views.

And if you’ve been doing it before this will make your views drop.

To fix this problem you’ll have to clear out all your video that shows sensitive body parts or talk about something in the video that’s against TikTok community guidelines.

This is mostly for people that are just starting, you don’t want to get 14,000 views this week, and next week you’re getting 100.

Do the same type of video, that got you the 14,000 in the first place. Or else you’ll not be able to grow well on the app.

Delete all your sensitive content on your TikTok page, to regain trust and let TikTok push you forward when you post a new video.

Fix 3: Use Engaging Content

If your content doesn’t excite the viewers, the engagement drops.

TikTok will reduce the number of people that are likely to view it in the first place

If it isn’t exciting you’ll get a sudden drop in your video, and your view will plunge.

And this will cause it not to show on the For You Page.

If your content is not getting attention, TikTok will drop it down.

The more engagement and performance of the video, the more TikTok will expand its reach on the For You page.

Once you can think of any content that can gain your views and will be of interest to the users.

TikTok will help you boost it further. Giving you many views.

Fix 4: Stick To One Niche

If you’re creating content on TikTok you need to stick to one type of niche and not spread across multiple types of content.

Doing this will only confuse the algorithm more on what type of content your TikTok account is based on.

If you’re not focused on one, you’ll not be able to get an increase in views.

If you post about entertainment today, football tomorrow, and movies next week.

Your views will drop and the video will not be shown on the For You Page.

So what you need to do is to pick a niche and stick to it, don’t go about posting all the niches you can think of.

Fix 5: Create Longer TikTok

If you’re the type that creates a shorter video on your TikTok page, you may likely see a sudden drop in your views.

This is because of the new TikTok algorithm, and shorter content doesn’t get many views anymore.

If you want to get more views on TikTok, you need to create longer content to get good views from the app

Create content that is 15 to 45 seconds long. This will help you build up fast, and if your content is great TikTok will show it on the For You Page.

Fix 6: Use TikTok Duets

Another way you can use to fix your TikTok getting low views is through TikTok Duets.

You’ll be able to attract new users to your type of video if you create duet videos and do challenges.

Find a challenge and a creator that has done some content on it, and use the duet’s feature to create a video.

This will allow people to see it on the For You Page, and from here you’ll be able to get more views.

Fix 7: Post At The Right Time

If you post a video at 2 AM and you expect to get views on the video, you may not get any.

The only way this will happen is if people see that the video is interesting and it will gradually gain momentum.

If you post videos randomly every single day, well you’ll not be getting the views you want.

Posting at the right time on the app also plays a part in the number of views you get on the TikTok app.

And the best time to post your TikTok video is during the day.

Fix 8: Don’t Copy Content

If you’re always using people’s content on your TikTok page, you will one day get a temporary suspension on your account.

And if you don’t, your views will suddenly drop, and you’ll not get to see any views again because now you’re shadow-banned.

If you’re copying content creators on the app, you’ll not grow.

You should be able to make your video, and that’s the only way you can get more views on the app.

Create unique and quality content that you own and not copy from others and post on your TikTok page.

And when you do it, and follow all the TikTok community guidelines, and Terms of service your video will grow in views.

And it will be shown to more people through the For You Page.

Fix 9: Find Not Too Competition Niche

When you’re on a niche on TikTok, remember to choose a niche that you can handle and make sure it’s not too competitive.

If it’s, you’ll not be getting a good start.

If you want to grow on TikTok and get views, choose a niche that’s not too competitive.

This will let you grow easily and gain followers on the app.

If you think you can handle the competitiveness, you’ll have to do something different from everyone to get views.

Fix 10: Maintain A Posting Schedule

If you post too many TikTok within a day, your video will never go viral.

If you’ve seen steady growth before, and you decided to spoil it by posting many videos at once.

Well, this may be a cause for alarm, and the algorithm may just decide to do wonders with your video by not showing it to many users.

If you want to fix it and get more views on your TikTok videos, you need to maintain a schedule and stick to it.

This will help you grow on the app and also reach more people so that you can get more views on TikTok.

Don’t post more than three times in a single day if you want to get any growth.

So you can post two times daily, once, or thrice. As far as you maintain this schedule for as long as you can. Then the algorithm will be in your favor.

Fix 11: Follow Trend

If you’re not getting any views on TikTok, maybe you just aren’t following the trend in your niche.

TikTok doesn’t want to promote your video for people to see because they know the content won’t be interesting.

If you follow trends and create content on it you’re more likely to get more views than not following trends at all.

We’re not saying you should go out of your niche, instead find the trend that everyone is doing in your niche and do something different with yours.

Once you start creating videos based on these trends, your views we start growing on the app.

And TikTok will show the content on the For You Page, which will result in more views.

Fix 12: Use Caption And Hashtags On Your Content

If you’re posting videos on TikTok, always use captions and hashtags on your video.

This will help describe it to the algorithm and help recommend it to users.

If you don’t use any captions or hashtags on your video, you’ll not get views as you expect.

If you’re using a caption on the video, make sure it’s short and easy to read. So that people can quickly grab what the video is about.

For hashtags, don’t use more than five, and use the type of hashtags that describe the video you’re uploading.

Fix 13: Be Consistent

If you want to grow online, you’ll have to be consistent on that.

Being a content creator on TikTok isn’t as easy as you would think, but you’re doing it anyway.

If you want to get more views on TikTok, you’ll have to be consistent in your posting.

Don’t post today and wait till next month before you post, create a schedule that you fit into.

You can be posting three days a week or every day at a particular time, just find the one you’re most comfortable with and stick to it.


If you’re a content creator, or you want to become one, you can easily grow on TikTok.

The app algorithm allows just anyone to gain thousands of views if your content is good.

If it’s not, you may experience some turndown and see your views on TikTok suddenly drop.

There are different reasons why your views on TikTok drop.

This could be because you posted at the wrong time, sensitive content, you were shadowbanned, etc.

To fix the problem, you’ll have to not violate any of their community guidelines or Terms of Service and do the fix.

We talk about how you can fix the TikTok views suddenly dropping problem, from posting interesting content that engages users to content that’s not too short.

Creating engaging gripping content that can drive users to view your video, and also follow you.

Once you see a sudden drop in your TikTok videos, using the guide above will help solve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I get any views on TikTok?

If you’re not getting any views on your TikTok video, it means that you’re doing something wrong in your video, or the algorithm isn’t in your favor. However, publishing consistently and sticking to one niche will help fix the issue with time.

What is the fastest way to get TikTok views?

The fastest way to get TikTok views is to share them across other social media platforms. And if your content is engaging enough and interesting to users, your video will be shown to more people.

Funny videos, engaging, educating, and interesting content are the type that is popular on TikTok. This type of content can just be about anything interesting to watch.

Why am I losing followers on TikTok?

Because people aren’t interested in your type of content again, or the quality has dropped. You’ll also lose followers when you haven’t posted for a long time.

Why is TikTok not putting me on FYP?

If you’re not getting as many views as you want to a particular video it means that the content doesn’t appear on the For You Page, because it’s not engaging enough.

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