Why Spotify Logged Me Out? And How To Log In Back (2023)

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Have you ever wanted to play a song on Spotify but when you open the app, you’ve been logged out, now you’re wondering why did Spotify log me out?

Spotify is great for everything audio, yeah, that’s why people love it in the first place, but it’s not without fault. Getting logged out of your Spotify account isn’t okay.

There are different reasons this could happen. But this is a common issue that you not easily fix and logged back into your account.

In this article, you’ll learn why Spotify logged you out of your account when playing a song. You’ll also know what you can do to fix it.

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Reasons Why Spotify Log You Out

Getting logged out of Spotify is a common issue most users face every day, and it’s not okay to be getting logged out of your Spotify account.

There are different reasons why Spotify logged you out of your account; it may be because someone’s log you out of your Spotify account with Log out Everywhere.

Another reason you’re logged out of your Spotify account is your premium subscription could have expired [which hardly happens].

Getting kicked out of your Spotify account may be because of a software issue, this can happen on your Android and iOS device.

If you’re using another person’s account, you’ll need to ask them because they may have kicked you out or logged out of all devices.

You may be using Spotify where the app is not supported, and thus this will log you out. All this can be the reason, but there’s more.

It can also be that your Spotify account has been hacked, and when this happens you’ll not be able to gain access to your account. You’ll need to contact Spotify support.

This can be a problem on Spotify’s part, even though it’s not for any reasons above. Spotify has a lot of issues that happen to users every day, and this is one of them.

The app may just have a glitch, and even when you try to login back, you can’t. And it says that the email isn’t associated with any account.

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How To Fix It When Spotify Logged Me Out

If you were logged out of Spotify, we’ve written how you can fix it and log back into your Spotify account.

Most of the fixes we saw online don’t necessarily do anything, and you won’t still be able to log in to your Spotify account.

Even when you update the app, uninstall, and reinstall it, Spotify won’t allow you to log in. To fix this issue we’ve researched the best way to fix this problem.

This problem has been on for longer than some companies exist, since 2014, users are still getting logout of their Spotify accounts.

And there’s no permanent fix for it, this may just be an insider bug on a person’s account, and only Spotify Support Team can check it out.

Fix 1: Reset Spotify Password

This will be very short, there’s no permanent fix for this problem on your Spotify account. But any of the fixes can work for you.

Even if you’re logged in to your account, you may be getting logged out of your account if you don’t have a data connection enabled. Sometimes when you turned off your phone and restart it, you’ll see the problem.

What you need to do now is to Reset your Spotify password, clear your Spotify app cache, remove cleaning apps and try logging in to your account.

Make sure you’re resetting your password from the web. Use your web browser, go to the Spotify site and reset your account password.

Fix 2: Login With Your Username

If you’re using your email address to log in to your Spotify account and you’re getting the no account found, or the email address isn’t associated with any account.

You’ll need to use the account username to log in to your account. When you do this, your email won’t be the logging details but your username. If you still can’t log in it may be that your account has been hacked.

Fix 3: Remove Cleaning Apps

If you’re using an Android and facing this issue, try removing all the cleaning apps on your phone. This can be a major break for the Spotify app.

Fix 4: Contact Spotify Support

Spotify logged me out of premium and deleted my playlist. Spotify logged me out and I can’t log in? Spotify logged me out and I can’t log in back?

There are many questions people are searching for about the problem and you’ll not be able to find the fix here today. We’ve given some that work.

This problem has been on since 2014 and the only way to get it fixed or at least make some improvement about the situation is to contact the Spotify support team.

When you do this, you’ll need to explain the issue to them, and you might get a way for you to fix the problem.

Fix 5: Try Using Another Mobile Device

When contacting Spotify support, you can try using another device to sign in to your account.

Then on your first device, restart it, clear the app cache, and update the app before logging in to your account again.

If it doesn’t work, you can create another account. Or better to use another music streaming app like Apple Music, YouTube
Music, Tidar, Shazam, etc.

There is plenty of music streaming app that works well without giving you problems every day with no solution.


Spotify has a lot of unsolved issues, and the company is probably doing nothing about them because these are problems that happen to a small number of people.

Spotify logged me out and doesn’t recognize my email, Spotify log me and deleted my account are problems users are facing since 2014 and there’s no permanent fix.

The music streaming app comes will plenty of faults, and logging out is one of the painful issues users are facing. So if you want to fix it, you can use the guide above.

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