Why Did Snapchat Delete My Account? (See What To Do)

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Have your Snapchat account been deleted for no reason, and you are wondering why it was deleted all of a sudden?

Snapchat deleting account is not too common, but it happens usually when there are some activities on your Snapchat account.

If Snapchat has deleted your account you should know why your account is being deleted and what you can do.

In this article, you’ll know why Snapchat deleted your account. You’ll also learn what to do when your account has been deleted by S napchat.

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Why Did Snapchat Delete My Account?

Your Snapchat account may have been deleted because you may have violated Snapchat’s community guidelines or terms of service.

You may find yourself out of the app after several warnings or suspensions on the app. This is because of violating their term of service or guidelines.

You may not know this, but they’re different rules that guide you when you use Snapchat and if you fail to apply them, you’ll be removed from the app.

Violated Community Guidelines

If Snapchat suspends your account because you may have violated its community guidelines. The next thing you may face is that your account will be deleted.

Therefore you should make sure that you do not go against Snapchat’s community guidelines.

Violated Term Of Service

While using the app if you have violated Snapchat’s terms of service, your account will also be deleted.

Snapchat does not permit certain activities on the app, and if you perform any of these activities you will not be allowed to continue using the app.

Use Third-Party App

You may be using a third-party Snapchat app which has caused your account to be deleted.

Snapchat does not permit you to use any third-party apps on your account. Certain third-party apps give you the chance to do certain things with Snapchat.

That is done by using the apps to either get new friends on Snapchat or adding new filters on Snapchat that have not been approved by their Snapchat app.

So when Snapchat realizes that you are indulging in the privacy of others, by using a third-party app or you are supporting your Snapchat account with a third-party app.

You will not be allowed to continue using the app, which results in your account getting deleted from their database.

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Account Is Compromised

It may also be that your account may have been compromised by an unknown person and this has caused a quick deletion of your Snapchat.

An unknown user may have hacked your Snapchat account and violated the community guidelines. If this happens Snapchat will quickly delete your accounts.

Have More Than Two Account

The accounts may have been deleted by Snapchat because you are owning more than one account on Snapchat.

When Snapchat realizes that you have more than one account you may lose your account or get the other account deleted.

Certain information you give Snapchat makes Snapchat realize whether you are using two different accounts on the same or not.

Account Inactive for 30 Days

If your account is inactive on Snapchat for 30 days after you’ve deleted your account, it could get permanently deleted by Snapchat from their server.

If you’re having a Snapchat account and have been inactive on the app for a whole month after deletion, you should know that your account might be permanently deleted.

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How To Restore A Deleted Snapchat Account

There is no way to retrieve your deleted Snapchat account. It is very difficult to get a deleted Snapchat account because once deleted the account will be removed from their database.

If you are trying to restore your deleted Snapchat account, it’s almost impossible but you can try sending Snapchat a message via their Customer Support.

You can explain to Snapchat and give them the necessary proof to favor your issue about Snapchat deleting your account.

But according to Snapchat once your account has been deleted by them you will not be able to get it back or even create another account.

“Once an account has been terminated, we are unable to reinstate it. Snapchatters who have had their account terminated are also prohibited from creating new accounts.”

At this point, if your account has been permanently deleted my Snapchat, there’s nothing you can do about it, even the Support won’t be able to help you.

Here Is What To Do

Since the people at Snapchat can’t help you get your account back. You’ll have to create a new one. But not with the same smartphone, the deleted account was previously in.

Since Snapchat mark the device, you’ll not be able to use that device to create an account again. So here’s what you need to do; get a new phone, a new email address, and a new phone number.

Once you have this, you’ll be able to create another Snapchat account. But when you do try to follow their guidelines and terms of service.


If your Snapchat account has been deleted by Snapchat, you should know that you have either violated Snapchat’s community guidelines or terms of service.

There is no clear way to retrieve a deleted Snapchat account, but you can try sending a message to the Snapchat customer support team to see if your account may be restored.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When Snapchat Deletes Your Account?

If Snapchat deletes your account, you lose your account completely. There is no way you can get back your Snapchat account if it has been deleted by Snapchat from their server.

Can You Recover A Delete Your Snapchat Account?

No, a deleted Snapchat account cannot be retrieved. It is very difficult to achieve a Snapchat account that has been deleted. You cannot get it back if your Snapchat account has been deleted.

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