Where Is The Publishing Tools On Facebook? (Meta Business Suite)

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Have a Facebook page for posting business content and you want to know where the Publishing tools are, this article is for you.

Publishing Tools on Facebook are one of the interesting features that help pages with the content thing.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the publishing tools on Facebook and how to find them on Facebook.

What Are Facebook Publishing Tools?

Facebook Publishing tools, now only available on Meta Business Suite are a tool created mainly for Facebook and Instagram business pages.

This tool allows you to create and edit your posts and videos from one place on Facebook.

You can access these publishing tools from the Meta Business Suite.

Using the Meta Suite, however, is more efficient since it has a more interactive page and better features.

Unfortunately, Facebook Publishing Tools which is now only available on the Meta Business tool because of the new page experience can only be accessed using on the web.

Features Of Facebook Publishing Tools

To know how to use Meta Publishing Tools, you need to know more about the many features of this tool. Some features this tool has are:


This contains all posts you haven’t scheduled, published yet, or are not done working on.

Scheduled posts

This feature allows you to see the lists of posts you have scheduled to post on your page.

Published Posts

This feature also allows you to see all posts you have published on the page, and also see the engagement the post has made, like the number of views, likes, and saves.

Expiring posts

This feature also enables users to set an expiry date on their Facebook posts, such that once the Facebook posts reach that fate, they cease to appear on your page.

You can also create, post and schedule Instagram and Facebook stories.

Stories Archive

Here, you can archive certain posts and stories and view them.

Create A/B Tests of Facebook Posts

This feature gives data on Facebook posts that are more engaging and would appeal more to your audience. This feature is only available in Meta Business Suite.

Where Are Publishing Tools On Facebook?

If you want to find where the location of Publishing tools, the only way to do it is through the Meta Business Suite.

This is only available for users that are currently using the New Page Experience.

The classic page has the Publishing tools option at the left menu section of the page.

On The Meta Business Suite

Log into Meta Business Suite > Click on Posts and Stories > Explore the Publishing Tools

How To Create And Schedule A Post Using Facebook Publishing Tools

Follow these steps to create and schedule a post using Meta Business Suite.

Step 1: Open Facebook Web

Since Facebook Publishing Tools cannot be accessed using the mobile app, you must log into your account using the web.

Go to Meta Business Suite and select the business page you intend to use the feature on.

Step 2: Click On Create Post

Click on the blue Create Post button to create a post. Insert your preferred caption, and use the media tools to upload images or videos.

Your captions should be audience-suited to address your target market. They could also contain hashtags to reach a wider audience. You can add a location as well.

Step 3: Check The Create Instagram Post-box

Under Post, tap on the Page name and check the Instagram Account box if your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook Account.

If your Instagram is not connected, you can connect your account from there by tapping on Connect Instagram.

Step 4: Publish Or Schedule The Post

Click on the Publish button to publish the posts, or if you’d like to schedule it to click on the drop-down Menu and click on Schedule.

You could also save the draft to continue working on it later on.


Publishing Tools on Facebook page help businesses create more engaging content.

However, sometimes it becomes increasingly hard to figure out where the Publishing Tools feature is.

This article shows you where to find Publishing tools on Facebook and how to create and make posts using the tool.

Note that Facebook publishing tools cannot be accessed using the Facebook mobile app.

FAQs On Where Is The Publishing Tools On Facebook?

Meta Business Suite is a centralized location where you can manage all your Facebook business activities on Instagram and Facebook to enable business owners to create more engaging content.

Yes, Facebook Publishing Tools can only be accessed using Facebook on the web.

The Facebook Publishing tools can be found on the Facebook Classic Page and using the Meta Business Suite.


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