What Does “KMS” Mean On Snapchat? (See Different Meaning)

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Are you wondering what KMS means on Snapchat? Do you want to know why some users use KMS on the app sometimes?

KMS is not often used on Snapchat but some Snapchat users use it in their conversations and as a caption sometimes.

In this article, you are going to learn what KMS means on Snapchat. You will also know why Snapchat users use KMS on Snapchat.

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What “KMS” Mean On Snapchat

KMS on Snapchat is used for several meanings, although, it has just one common meaning. We are going to show you the various meanings of KMS on Snapchat.

KMS Mean “Kill Myself”

Some Snapchat users use KMS to mean “kill myself” during conversations with certain friends on the app.

So the Snapchat user can say, ‘I want to KMS’ and it is understood that the person is trying to say ‘I want to kill myself’.

KMS Mean “Kill Me Softly”

This is usually used in love conversations by certain Snapchat users or in conversations with very good friends.

When the user says ‘You KMS’ it means that the person is saying ‘you kill me softly’ or ‘you are killing me softly’.

Using KMS in this form is nice to be used by Snapchat users who are very good pals on the app.

KMS Mean “Kill Me Now”

You can use KMS to mean ‘Kill Me Now’ on Snapchat after you have been pressured to do something on Snapchat, and you are trying to say you are overstressed.

In the sense of ‘kill me now’, it can be that a particular video or picture is very funny and you cannot hold the laughter anymore.

It is a way of telling the other user how funny it is, by saying KMS which means ‘kill me now’ after you have watched the video and you are sharing it with the person.

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Why Do Snapchat Users Use KMS On Snapchat?

Most Snapchat users use KMS on Snapchat to make conversations interesting. Sometimes it is used in an abusive way when someone has overstressed you.

It is also used in funny terms or love terms when you watch a video that’s so funny.


KMS on Snapchat, although it is not commonly used on the app, some users love to use it when they’ve seen a video and it is very funny.

They can use KMS as captions or in conversations to trigger the humor of the other user. The various meaning of KMS on Snapchat has been explained in the article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does KMS on Snapchat from a girl?

KMS on Snapchat from a girl may mean “Kill me softly”.

What is KMS mean in messages?

KMS in messages can mean “Kill myself” or “Kill me softly”.

What does KMS mean on TikTok?

KMS on TikTok means “Kill Myself”

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