What Does “TB” Mean On Instagram? (See Different Meaning)

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Have you ever noticed “TB” being used in direct messages, captions, and stories on Instagram? If you want to know what TB means on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place.

Instagram is a popular social media site where abbreviations and short forms are usually used.

It is essential to know that abbreviations are used constantly on Instagram because they make typing easier by reducing the number of words needed.

In this article, you’ll know the meanings of “TB” on Instagram and how they are used. You’ll also learn how to respond when someone uses TB.

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What Does “TB” Mean On Instagram?

Depending on whether TB is used in a caption or direct message, TB can have different meanings.

TB can also have various meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

TB As “Text Back”

On Instagram, TB can mean “Text Back”. Text back is a feature that prompts you to respond quickly to a message someone sent.

When someone sends a direct message to you on Instagram, Instagram reminds you to Text Back through a button that appears next to the message window.

When you Tap on the Button, a message window appears, allowing you to privately respond to whoever sent you the direct message.

You can reply to the person using an emoji, a normal message. Text back could also be a message you use to tell someone to Text Back.

Instead of telling the person to Text Back, you’d type “TB” which is a much faster way to say the thing.

TB As “Throwback”

TB can also mean “Throw Back” on Instagram. This is usually used as a hashtag, caption, or Instagram post.

Throw Back implies that an Instagram user has posted an old photo of them they want to share.

These pictures usually represent photos that bring back good memories and feelings of nostalgia.

In the picture’s caption or when typing out the hashtags, they write TB or #tb to tell their followers that they have posted a throwback of themselves.

This trend is usually done on Thursday and is usually referred to as Throwback Thursday.

TB can also be used in stories and direct messages on Instagram.

You can send someone a message telling them about a throwback to a past time in your life and use TB instead of Throwback.

TB As “Timehop Bestie”

TB on Instagram also represents “Timehop Bestie”. Timehop is an app that shares old photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Google Photos.

When someone uses TB in their Intsgarm caption or as a hashtag under their Instagram caption, it implies that the photo is of that person and a friend.

Friends usually tag each other using TB on their Instagram photos.

TB As “Too Busy”

TB in a direct message on Instagram can also mean “Too Busy”.

When you use this in a message to another person on Instagram, you are trying to inform them that you are too busy.

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How To Use TB On Instagram

To learn more about TB on Instagram, you need to be able to know how to use it effectively.

Whether in an Instagram post, caption, or Instagram story. Here is how to use TB on Instagram:

TB As Throwback

As a Hashtag

If you post a childhood photo on Instagram, you can use TB to represent a throwback.

For example, as a caption, you can use: #tb or #tbt to show that the photo is a throwback to your childhood.

In Instagram Story

Once you put a photo or an Instagram post on your story that is from your past, you can caption it as a Throwback.

For example, TB to my last day of high school could be over an image of your high school graduation.

As A Direct Message

Someone can send you a photo from your past, and you can reply using TB.

For example,

  • John: *sends a photo of Jane*
  • Jane: TB to the best day of my life

TB As Text Back

You can use TB as Text Back when you need someone to text back urgently.

For example,

  • John: Bye I have to run an errand
  • Jane: Don’t forget to tb

TB As Too Busy

TB as Too Busy can be used when you need to inform someone that you are too busy to do something.

For example,

  • Jane: John, are you coming to the party?
  • John: No. I am TB.   

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Other Not-So-common Meanings Of TB

Tuberculosis: A contagious infection caused by bacteria that usually attacks the lungs.

Terabyte: A terabyte is a unit of digital data equal to one trillion bytes.

Tough Break: A tough break is a trying and troubled situation, usually an instance of bad luck.


TB can mean various things depending on the context it is being used in. Be sure to know the context TB is being used in before concluding what it means.

This article has enough information to guide you on what TB means on Instagram and how best to use it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TB in Information Technology?

In IT, Tb stands for a terabyte of information.

Is TB Throwback?

In some situations, TB on Instagram can mean a throwback. It can also mean Too Busy or Text Back.

When can I use TB in a caption?

You can use TB as a caption when the photo you are posting is a throwback to a past time in your life.

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