What Does “PMO” Mean On Instagram? [See The Meaning]

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Have you ever noticed “PMO” being used in direct messages, captions, and stories on Instagram? If you want to know what PMO means on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place.

Instagram is a popular social media site where abbreviations and short forms are usually used, and most users do not understand and know the full meanings of these abbreviations.

It is essential to know that abbreviations are used constantly on Instagram because they make typing easier by reducing the number of words needed.

In this article, you’ll know the meanings of “PMO” on Instagram and how they are used. You’ll also learn how to respond when someone uses PMO.

What Does “PMO” Mean On Instagram?

Depending on whether PMO is used in a caption or direct message, PMO has two different meanings.

PMO Mean “Put Me On”

On Instagram, PMO can mean “Put Me On”. Put Me On is a phrase used when you want someone to link you with something on Instagram.

It is usually used in reply to a story or when you post about an important service. Most users are likely to comment with PMO. This is also vice versa.

When a shop or someone advertises their product, you can reply with PMO to signify your interest.

Instead of telling the person to Put you on, you’d type “PMO” which is a much faster way to say the thing.

PMO Mean “Pisses Me Off”

PMO can also mean “Pisses Me Off” on Instagram. This is usually used as a reply to an earlier message or a comment to a post or story.

Pisses Me Off implies that the Instagram user you are texting with is annoyed at something or someone.

When someone is pissed off by something or someone, it usually means that they are annoyed by whatever it is that is being referenced.

This is because they probably see things with anger, typing “Pisses Me Off” in full might be a challenge for them so they choose to shorten it to PMO.

PMO Can Also Be Used In Stories And Direct Messages On Instagram

Using “PMO” On Instagram

To learn more about PMO on Instagram, you need to be able to know how to use it effectively.

Whether in an Instagram post, caption, or Instagram story. Here is how to use PMO on Instagram:

“PMO” As Put Me On

If you are texting someone or you watch their story and post, then you see something that excites you, a very sure way to let the user know that you are interested.

For example, as a DM, you can use: PMO to show interest.

  • “Hi Frank, can you Put Me On that Scholarship Link?”

In Instagram Story

If someone puts up a post of a sneaker or a piece of clothing, reply with PMO and they’ll know you want it.

As A Direct Message

Someone can send you something and you can reply using PMO.

For example,

  • John: Sends a photo of Jane
  • Mark: Can you PMO her number?

PMO As Pisses Me Off

You can use PMO as Pisses Me Off when someone or something annoys you.

For example,

  • Mark: Did you hear about the latest Elon Musk scandal?
  • Jane: Don’t talk about him, he PMO

Other Not-So-Common Meanings Of PMO

Project Management Office: A project management office is a group, agency, or department that defines and maintains the standards of project management for a company.


PMO is an online slang or acronym that is used by a lot of users in online texting. It had different meanings and uses based on the context.

This article has enough information to guide you on what PMO means on Instagram and how best to use it.

FAQs On What Does “PMO” Mean On Instagram

PMO usually means the same thing across all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc). This means that on TikTok PMO can mean Pisses Me Off or Put Me On.

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