What Does “No Location Found” On iPhone Mean?

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Have you ever tried using the Find My app to locate a device, only to be met with an error that says “No Location Found” This can be very frustrating.

The Find My app helps determine where your device is, it can be used to locate your iPhone or any other Apple device that’s missing.

No Location Found is an error message which occasionally occurs on iOS devices. This error can occur for various reasons, but fortunately, easy solutions are usually available.

In this article, you’ll learn what the “No Location Found” on iPhone means. You’ll also know why you’re getting the message and how you solve the issue on your device.

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What Does No Location Found Mean?

No Location Found is an error message which occurs on iOS devices. If you see the “No Location Found” notification on your iPhone, the Find My app cannot find your current Location.

Find My app is a tracking app provided by Apple that helps you find your lost or stolen Apple devices.

In other cases, if you have a location shared with someone before and try to find their Location and see the message “No Location Found”, it might mean that they have removed you from their share list.

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Why Am I Getting No Location Found On My iPhone?

There are many reasons for this error message which you should know before you can fix the issue.

1. No Internet Connection

No location found means that you do not have an active internet connection. To access someone’s Location, you need to be connected to the Internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

You and your contact need to be connected to the Internet to share their Location. If neither of you has an active Internet connection, the Find My App won’t be able to find their Location. This will mean you cannot access the map to share locations.

2. Location Service Disabled

Another possible reason for the error message, No Location Found, is that the device you are looking for on the Find My app has its location services disabled. To find your location, You must have location services turned on.

3. Device Turned Off

Another reason may be that their phone is off. If someone shares their location with you and their phone goes off, you may see the No Location Found message.

To get a live location of where someone is via iMessage or Find My app, they need to have their phone turned on.

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4. Airplane Mode Turned On

Again it may be that your phone is in airplane mode, which means that it is not sharing its location with the network. This will prevent all location services from working and trigger the No Location Found message.

5. There’s A Glitch

Also, another reason for the No Location Found message is a glitch with the Find My app. The Find My app aims to help you check where your friends are.

If they are signed in to the app, and you are connected to the Internet, you should be able to see their Location.

However, at times, the Find My app and iMessage can glitch from time to time, leading you not to see someone’s Location and see the error message No Location Found.

6. Incorrect Date And Time

Also, you may see the error message, No Location Found because of incorrect date and time. The location-sharing feature on Find My App requires that you and your friend have the time and date on your phone set correctly.

They will not be able to communicate their location with you if they do not have the correct data and time configured in their phone settings.

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How To Fix No Location Found On iPhone

Since you know what the No Location Found means, and why you’re getting the message on your Find My app, iMessage, see what to do to fix No Location Found.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure to have a good Internet connection or mobile data when using Find My App.

You need to have a strong Internet connection to prevent the error message, No Location Found. Also, make sure that Airplane Mode is disabled.

Fix 2: Turn On T he Share My Location Option

By sharing your location, you can let others know where you are and be helpful in an emergency.

If you’re getting the “No Location Found” error message on your device, the device cannot determine your Location. To share your location use the simple guidelines to do that easily.

Open Settings on your iPhone > Click on your mobile account > Choose the Find My App option > Click on Share my Location.

Alternatively, Open Settings on your iPhone > Scroll down to the Privacy option > Click on the Location Services option from the drop-down menu.

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Fix 3: Re-Install Find My App

To avoid the No Location Found error message, you may need to delete and reinstall the Find My App. To do this, follow these steps:

Locate the Find My app > Press and hold on the app till you see Remove > Click on Remove > Delete App > Tap Delete again to confirm > Search for the Find My app in App Store > Click Install.

Fix 4: Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes too, you need to restart your iPhone to allow the Find My App to work well. To do this, switch off your device for a few minutes and turn it back on.

Fix 5: Correct The Date And Time

This is a straightforward process that can be done quickly. Open Settings App >Tap on General>Tap on Date and Time>Click on the option set Automatically.

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Fix 6: Update Your software.

Keeping your device’s software updated is a great way to prevent glitches. To do this: Open Settings > Click on General > Tap on Software Update Up-to-date software helps keep your device secure and functional.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Find My App?

The Find My app is a tracking app provided by Apple that helps you find your lost or stolen Apple devices. The app uses GPS on your device to pinpoint its location and show it on a map.

What’s The Difference Between No Location Found And Location Unavailable?

You will often get “Location Not Available” when the Find My App is on but failing to update locations, while you will get “No Location Found” when the iPhone is off or location services are off.

How Do I Freeze My Location On ‘Find My Friends?

If you want to freeze your Location so that no one can find your location for whatever reason, you can turn your iPhone to Airplane Mode or turn off location-sharing services.

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