What Does “KYS” Mean On Instagram? (The Meaning)

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Do you want to know why Instagram users use “KYS” on the app and how they use it in conversations?

KYS has been frequently used by Instagram users in DM and you may wonder what it means on the Instagram app.

In this article, you’ll learn what KYS means on Instagram. You’ll also learn how to respond to KYS on Instagram.

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What Does “KYS” Mean On Instagram?

KYS on Instagram simply means “Kill yourself”.

This is not usually common on Instagram but for the sake of certain conversations on Instagram, some users prefer to use KYS.

Instagram users do not usually use “KYS” as captions because of how offensive it is. Using KYS can be very offensive, especially to the general public.

It can be one of the abusive languages used on Instagram when interpreted correctly by Instagram.

That is why it is not commonly used especially as captions, but instead used in Instagram Direct Messages.

In Groups, Instagram users do not mind using KYS in conversations, especially in boys’ conversations.

You can simply use “KYS” to respond to a comment passed by someone in a group or the person’s direct message.

KYS can simply mean die with regards to its direct meaning, “Kill yourself”.

You can choose to use KYS when you are having a conversation that is not too offensive but involves an argument.

But using KYS as a caption on Instagram is not advisable because you can be reported.

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How To Respond To “KYS” On Instagram

One simple way to respond to KYS on Instagram is by sending another comment response.

You can also decide to ignore when an Instagram user uses KYS in your conversations.

KYS on Instagram can be abusive sometimes and you should not entertain its usage on the app.


KYS on Instagram means “Kill yourself”. It is not mostly used by Instagram users as captions on the app. 

Instead, it is usually used in Instagram direct messages and groups by friends who are close friends and may not be offended when they use KYS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does KYS mean in a text?

KYS in the text means Kill yourself or die.

What does KYS mean in a good way?

KYS used in a good way can be used in a jovial form to say “Kill yourself”.

Does KYS mean kiss?

KYS is pronounced as KYS but it does not mean kiss.

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