What Does “JP” Mean On Snapchat? (See Different Meaning)

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Have you noticed many people use the abbreviation “JP” in conversations on Snapchat? Have you wondered what JP means on Snapchat? If so, this article is for you.

Abbreviations are usually used when texting on apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsA pp, and Snapchat to save time and avoid typing long words and sentences.

JP is one of these abbreviations commonly used on Snapchat, whether as a caption or as a message.

In this article, you’ll learn what JP means on Snapchat and how to use it when messaging someone on Snapchat. You’ll also know how to respond when someone sends you JP.

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What Does “JP” Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, JP stands for “Just Playing.” Just playing is an expression used in response to an already-made statement.

It implies that the person who made the statement is only joking or kidding about what was said.

It is a phrase used to lighten a situation or assure whoever you are texting that your comment was not serious.

For example, if I text someone saying, “Jack, The headmistress needs to see you urgently”, and quickly respond with JP, it means that I was only joking about the headmistress and she does not need Jack at all.

On Snapchat, JP can be used as a reply to someone or even as a caption, or even in a question form. JP is a way to apologize or take back your statement without doing so explicitly.

JP is also similar to “JK,” which is the short form for Just Kidding.

Note that JP should only be used in informal conversations, whether texting or in person. Using JP in an official setting screams unprofessionalism.

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When Can I Use JP On Snapchat?

JP is such a versatile short form and can be used in quite a lot of situations. Here are a few:

JP can be used when you want to lighten a situation after a not-so-nice comment was made. 

For example:

  • A: “That dress made you look old.”
  • A: “JP”

Here, the comment is not very nice, so JP is used to lighten the conversation a bit.

JP can also be used to prevent backlash after a confession is made.

For example:

  • A: “When we were younger, I flushed your gerbil down the toilet.”
  • B:” You what”?
  • A:” JP”

Here, to prevent Person B from getting furious, JP is used to tone down the anger.

JP is also used as a joke.

For example:

  • A: “There’s a huge cockroach on your head.”
  • A: “JP”

Here, you are joking about the cockroach being on the person’s head.

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How To Respond When Someone Uses JP on Snapchat

It may not be easy to decide how to respond when someone uses JP in a conversation on Snapchat.

However, responding is not difficult but differs based on the context of the message.

If you are happy after reading the message, you can send a laughing emoji or a hilarious sticker.

If the message anger you, you can send an angry emoji or tell the person explicitly that you are unhappy with the message.

If the message makes you sad, you can respond with the puppy dog or pleading face emoji and tell the person how hurt you feel.

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Other Not-So-Common Meanings of JP

  • Japan: A country in Asia
  • Justice of the Peace: A local official who has been given the power to perform marriage ceremonies, certify documents and judge less important cases
  • Jurassic Park: A movie about dinosaurs
  • Job Points: Points earned after completing tasks in Grand Theft Auto Online.


JP is a commonly used short form of the phrase “Just Playing.” Usually used when texting on Snapchat and other apps like Instagram and Facebook.

JP can be used as a joke, to lighten a situation, or to prevent a conversation from blowing out of proportion.

JP should not be used in a professional setting but rather among friends and family. JP reduces the effect of an earlier statement which may have sounded strange or even mean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is JP The Same As JK?

Yes, JP and JK mean the same thing and can be used in place of each other, no matter the context they are used in.

What Are The Other Meanings Of JP?

JP can mean Just Playing, Justice of the Peace, Job Points, and can even represent the country Japan.

What Does JP Mean In GTA?

In Grand Theft Auto Online, JP stands for Job Points earned after completing tasks online. How well you perform on a task determines how many Job Points you receive and whoever has the highest number of Job Points wins.

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