What Does “ISO” Mean On Facebook? (See The Meaning)

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Have you noticed many people use the abbreviation “ISO” on their posts on Facebook? Have you wondered what ISO means on Facebook? If so, this article is for you.

Abbreviations like ISO are used when texting on apps like Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, and other e-commerce websites to save time and avoid typing long words and sentences.

ISO is one of these abbreviations commonly used on Facebook, whether as a caption or in a message.

In this article, you’ll learn what ISO means on Facebook and how to use it when messaging someone on Facebook. You’ll also know how to respond when someone sends you “ISO”.

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What Does “ISO” On Facebook Mean?

On Facebook, ISO stands for “In Search Of.” “In Search Of” is an expression used in captions of a Facebook post.

It implies that the person who made use of the abbreviation needs an item, or they are looking for that item.

It is an abbreviation used to find quick results when you are in need or searching for a product.

On Facebook, ISO is used dominantly in the Marketplace section where there is buying and selling of products.

ISO is used specifically in search of items.

Here are some examples:

  • A: “ISO green-blue 1987 Buick.”
  • N: “I am ISO a part-time nanny”

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Why Do People Use “ISO” On Facebook?

You may wonder why people use ISO on Facebook and the reason is simple.

Facebook users love to use the “ISO” usually to make it easier to find something they are in search of.

Someone may be in dire need of a product in real life but does not know where to find it.

So the person goes to Facebook to post that they are ‘In Search of’ something on the app.

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How To Respond When Someone Uses “ISO” On Facebook

It may not be easy to decide how to respond when someone uses ISO in a conversation on Facebook. However, responding is not difficult.

If you possess what is required, you either comment on the post that you have it or you privately message them.

If you do not have it, you can choose to ignore it or share it so that it may reach a wider audience. But if you know someone who can help, you can tag them in the post.


If you have seen “ISO” on Facebook used by several users and you are wondering what it means on the social media app, you should know that ISO simply means ‘In search of’. 

It is mostly used by individual accounts on Facebook to search for a product, a skilled person, or anything the person is interested in finding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ISO mean in a post?

ISO in a post means ‘In Search of”

What does ISO stand for in social media?

ISO in social media means ‘In Search of’.

How do an ISO post on Facebook?

You can do an ISO post on Facebook by adding ISO as a caption to the main post.

What does ISO Facebook Marketplace mean?

ISO in Marketplace is a marketing acronym which means ‘In Search of’

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