What Does Facebook Black Profile Mean?

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A lot of Facebook users are quite used to seeing bright exciting pictures on the profile of their Facebook friends, their profile photo may be a portrait.

But you saw a black profile photo instead of a portrait of the person , or a picture of their pet, family, a vacation spot, or anything at all.

Have you realized other Facebook users who use the Facebook black profile and you want to know what it means?

In this article, you’ll learn what the Facebook black profile means. You’ll also learn why people prefer the Facebook black profile.

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What Does Facebook Black Profile Mean?

First of all, there is no technical glitch on Facebook neither is there a network connectivity problem, if you should come across a Facebook black profile.

All it means is that your Facebook friend or any other Facebook user has decided to upload a black picture as a Facebook profile.

It’s doesn’t mean a thing, and even if it does, it can mean different things, like they like the color black, showing support, losing someone, in depressed mode, etc.

We can’t say what it means for the user except you ask the person or your friend why they’ve decided to use a black profile on Facebook.

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Why Do People Prefer To Use The Facebook Black Profile?

A Facebook black profile is purely by choice. People have different reasons why they prefer to use a black picture as their profile.

So if you ever find yourself asking, “What does Facebook black profile mean?” well, here is why people choose black on Facebook.

1. Like Black Photos

While a lot of people prefer bright and vivid colors, a minority of people also find black a color that suits their aesthetic taste better.

You may have a Facebook friend who is obsessed with the color black. Such a person is likely to use a black Facebook profile.

So next time you see a Facebook black profile, it may just be a color someone likes. It may not have any significant meaning attached to it other than an aesthetic choice.

2. Supporting A Movement

A Facebook black profile may simply be your Facebook friend’s way of showing support for a movement. From time to time, major incidents in society cause the formation of movements.

A movement that became quite popular a few years ago is the Black Lives Matter(BLM) movement.

Formed in 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement became quite popular in 2020 after the arrest and consequent death of a black man named George Floyd.

The movement advocates equal treatment of black people as Whites. Unsurprisingly, BLM is represented by the color black.

So a Facebook black profile may simply mean that your Facebook friend supports a movement such as BLM.

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3. In The Mood

A black Facebook profile may be a user’s way of showing their current mood. Quite often, the color black is used to signify emotions like sadness, depression, or anxiety.

Some Facebook users upload a black picture as their profile to show the world how they are currently feeling.

They may be feeling moody or sad. It is a simple signal that they are going through a lot and may need some space or they may need some help.

If you have friends with a black Facebook profile, you may want to reach out to them.

4. Lost Someone

A black Facebook profile may also be used by some users to tell the world that they have lost a relative or loved one. In many cultures, the black color also signifies loss.

In the period of mourning, a user may use a black profile to show that they are in mourning.

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5. Hide Behind Black

Another common reason for Facebook’s black profile is that the user may not want to show their actual face.

To keep their face and identity hidden, they would rather upload a black picture as their profile.

To keep their identity hidden, they would not like to upload pictures that may give any clue about their personality.


Using Facebook, you may come across black profiles. Facebook black profiles are not caused by some software malfunction or technical glitch. It is a personal decision made by the user.

There are many reasons why a user may have a black profile. They may use it to show a loss.

It may also be used to show support for a particular movement such as the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. It could equally be used to show a user’s current mood.

Next time you come across a Facebook black profile, just know that it is not a result of some form of malfunction.

It is a personal decision made by the user. Maybe you may want to try a Facebook black profile yourself soon.

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Frequently Asked  Questions

What Does A Black Profile Mean On Facebook?

A black Facebook profile is simply a Facebook user’s choice of profile. A black profile may mean that the user may be in a bad mood. It may also signify support for a movement such as BLM. A black Facebook profile could suggest that the user needs some space. It could also equally mean that the user is trying to show a loss or to show their current mood.

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