What Does Facebook App Manager Do? (What To Know)

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If you have noticed a Facebook App manager as a part of your recently used programs and want to know what it does, you’ve come to the right place.

Facebook App Manager is usually noticed in the Google Activity log for Android and iOS device users who have Facebook downloaded. You may be wondering about its purpose and whether you need it.

In this article, you’ll know what the Facebook App manager does and whether or not it is an essential part of the Facebook App package.

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What Is The Facebook App Manager?

The Facebook App Manager is a group of files closely associated with the Facebook App on your device.

It is a collection of package files whose primary purpose is to improve the overall user experience on Facebook.

Also known as the com.facebook.appmanager, The Facebook App manager has smaller package files that support the Facebook App.

The Facebook App manager helps to enhance user experience on Facebook and other Meta Apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

All updates and newer versions of these Meta Apps are actualized through the Facebook App manager.

The Facebook App Manager has no app icon because it is a package of system files and works in the background.

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What Does Facebook App Manager Do?

Facebook App Manager is responsible for many Facebook and Meta-related activities.

Preventing Crash

First of all, the Facebook App Manager is responsible for sensing crashes and preventing them.

The app manager can find and sense crash problems with Facebook and Meta apps like Instagram and take preventative steps to stop the crashes.

Whenever the Facebook App Manager senses a crash, it sends a notification to the Facebook servers for immediate action to be taken to prevent the crash from actually happening.

The app manager also generates crash reports and sends them to the Facebook and Meta servers.

If the Facebook App manager did not identify these possible crashes, the Facebook app and other Meta-related apps would have serious functionality issues.

Keep Apps Updated

Secondly, the Facebook App Manager keeps the Facebook app and other meta apps updated.

If your apps do not update regularly, there will be crashes in their operation, and when there are crashes, the apps do not work well, and users will find it difficult to use them. This is where the app manager comes in.

The Facebook App manager automatically updates all Meta apps to always have the latest updates.

When the updates keep happening and are regular, the overall user experience is enhanced.


Another function of the Facebook App Manager is to allow users to control everything that happens with their Facebook app. You can also control all the activities that go on on all the Meta-related apps.

Providing Important Analytics

Again, the Facebook App Manager is responsible for providing important analytics and insights on the performance of all your Facebook and Meta-related apps like Instagram and Whatsapp. This analysis would help you improve your overall use of the apps.

Test Different Version

Lastly, the Facebook App manager allows users to switch between multiple versions of an app. You can test different versions of the Facebook app before they are released to the public.

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Common Issues Associated With the Facebook App Manager

Unfortunately, the Facebook App manager does have some disadvantages.

Take Storage Space

Firstly, the files take up the storage and space of your device.

Due to the number of files that the Facebook App Manager has, from app updates to system managers, they take up much storage space.

Drain Phone Battery

Secondly, the files drain your phone battery. When the Facebook App manager runs, it drains your battery power quickly.

The App manager is unsuitable for devices with very low battery capacity. It is advised to use power saving mode to save your device’s battery when the app is running.

Use Your Mobile Data

Also, the use of Facebook Manager tends to use up your mobile data and Wi-Fi because of constant phone updates and version downloads.


The Facebook App manager is a package of files that help all Meta-related apps function properly.

Facebook App Manager helps keep all Meta-related apps updated and improves overall user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What would happen if I disabled the Facebook app manager?

Nothing much would happen, just that some of the app manager’s functionalities would be reduced.

Is it possible to uninstall the Facebook app manager?

Yes, it is possible if you manually installed the app. However, uninstalling the Facebook app manager depends on the type of device you are using. However, it is not possible if the app manager comes pre-installed.

Is the Facebook App manager safe?

Yes, the Facebook App manager has no viruses and is secure.

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