What Does “DWS” mean on Snapchat? (See Different Meaning)

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If you use Snapchat quite often, chances are that you have come across several shorthand texts as you chat with your friends.

Some of them are LOL, OMG, IKR, and many others. You may or may not have come across DWS on Snapchat.

If you have, you may be wondering what the text means on the app and how you can it for communicating 

In this article, you are going to learn what DWS means on Snapchat. You’ll also know how to use it and how to reply to DWS text.

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What Does “DWS” Mean On Snapchat?

DWS on Snapchat can mean different things, you may be dripping with sarcasm or dealing with shit. See the two meanings of DWS on Snapchat in detail.

DWS Mean “Dealing With Shit”

First of all DWS means “Dealing With Shit.” What this simply means is that you may want to tell your friend on Snapchat that you are going through a lot of issues or you have a lot to do.

You may have had a loss or you may be facing emotional problems. You may also be facing challenges in life.

“DWS” is a way to tell your friends that you may need encouragement and support or that you want some space to be alone.

DWS Mean “Dripping With Sarcasm”

DWS can also mean “Dripping With Sarcasm.” For several people, sarcasm is their second language.

They infuse sarcasm in everything they say and they transfer it into the text as well. On Snapchat, when you want to show that you are being sarcastic, you can choose to use “DWS” after your statement to mean that your statement is dripping with sarcasm.

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How To Use DWS On Snapchat

You can use this when a friend on Snapchat asks you how you are doing?, how your day is going!, Or how you have been. Typing “DWS” then would mean that you are dealing with some shit.

This can also imply that you need help and support or that you want to be left alone to deal with your problems.

For instance statements like, “You are the tallest friend I have. DWS”, are trying to sound sarcastic and may probably mean that that friend of yours is not so tall.

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Why Do People Prefer To Use Shorthand Text?

A lot of people would like to use shorthand text on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook and Snapchat because it is very simple and convenient.

This is more so when the one you are texting knows exactly what you are saying.

As a frequent user of Snapchat, it’s important to know all these forms of shorthand so that whenever you have conversations on Snapchat, you can understand everything and enjoy the conversations.


Shorthand texts like lol, OMG, IKR, and others are very common nowadays on social media platforms.

Snapchat is no exception with some tricky shorthand texts that may confuse you sometimes.

One of them is DWS. DWS can mean “Dealing With Shit”. It can also mean “Dripping with Sarcasm.”

Once you can know the different meanings of “DWS” in your conversations, you can easily reply and enjoy your conversations on Snapchat.

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Frequently asked questions

What Is The Full Form Of DWS?

The full form of DWS “Dealing with Shit” or “Dripping with Sarcasm”

What Does DW Mean On Social Media?

DW normally means “Don’t Worry” on social media platforms

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