What Does Blank Profile Picture On Messenger Mean? [See Meanings]

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A blank profile picture on Messenger is not something you see every day. If you have ever wondered what it meant, then this is the right article for you.

Most messenger accounts have unique profile pictures that identify them but sometimes, you may come across an account with a blank profile picture.

A blank profile picture on Messenger can be many things, good and bad alike but you do not need to worry. This is not a cause for alarm

In this article, you will learn the various meanings a blank profile picture on Messenger has.

What Does Blank Profile Picture Mean On Messenger?

Here are some reasons behind a blank profile picture on Messenger.

Deleted Profile Picture

The most obvious meaning there is behind a blank profile on Messenger is that the user has taken down their profile picture.

This may be due to their reasons, but most users delete their profile pictures because of online harassment and stalking.

This is done so that they can continue using Messenger anonymously, and without pestering.

Deleted/Deactivated Messenger Account

A blank profile picture may mean that the user has deactivated or deleted their Messenger account.

When an account is deleted, it is permanent, all the user’s data and personal information is forever wiped from Messenger servers with no hopes for a recovery.

With deactivation, the users’ account is frozen until they decide to reactivate it again.

Since deleting your account is extreme, most users prefer deactivating their accounts until they are ready to use the accounts again.

Most users deactivate because Messenger is overwhelming for them and they want to take a break.


What most users usually think of when they see a blank profile picture on an account, in Messenger, is that they have been blocked.

This assumption is not far-fetched and maybe a plausible meaning behind a blank profile picture on Messenger.

When a user has blocked you on Messenger, you will not be able to view their profile, bio, or anything related to their account, including their profile picture.

Internet Problem

Lastly, if you see a blank profile picture on Messenger, it might mean that either you have a poor internet connection or the Messenger app is experiencing technical glitches and bugs.

With a poor internet connection, you can usually fix it by switching to a better network.

A technical glitch or bug can be fixed by updating your messenger app.

How To Check If A User Has Deactivated Their Account

Step 1: Open Messenger

Open the Messenger app on your mobile device and log in to your account by typing in your credentials.

Step 2: Search Account

On the home page, navigate to the search section and search for the desired account. Select the appropriate one from the list of results.

Step 3: See If it’s Deactivated

If the account has been deactivated, an error message with the header “Account Inactive” will be displayed.

How To Check If You Have Been Blocked On Messenger

Step 1: Open Messenger

Launch the Messenger app on your device and enter your username and password in the indicated fields to gain access to your account.

Select the magnifying glass icon to move to the search menu. In the search bar, type in the desired account.

If you have been blocked, then the account will not turn up in the list of results.


These are the various meanings behind a blank profile picture on Messenger, and this article has detailed each one of them.

So next time you see a blank profile picture on Messenger, you may be able to figure out the reason why you are seeing that.

FAQs On What Does Blank Profile Picture On Messenger Mean?

This is known as disappearing photos and it is a feature on Messenger that allows a viewer to watch pictures just once and the picture disappears after

Yes, if you are blocked by an account on Messenger, you will not be able to see their profile picture.

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