What Does “Account Not Found” On TikTok Mean? Why & How To Fix It

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Have you ever tried searching for someone on TikTok only to see the error message “Account Not Found?” It can be very worrying especially when you know the user is on Tiktok.

This is an error message usually seen when TikTok users try viewing another user’s account or profile.

This message can make you wonder what the problem is, what the Account Not Found means, and why it’s happening so you can fix it.

In this article, you’ll know what “Account not found” mean on TikTok. You’ll also know how to fix Accounts not found on TikTok.

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Account Not Found On TikTok? See What It Means

Account Not Found is an error message which implies that the account you are searching for cannot be found on the TikTok server.

The Account Not Found can also mean that the user you’re trying to view has blocked you, or the person has deleted their account.

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Why Am I Seeing “Account Not Found” On TikTok?

If you keep seeing the error message  “Account Not Found,” on TikTok it may be due to one of the following reasons.

1. The User Blocked You

Account Not Found could mean that the person behind the account you are trying to view has blocked you. This will restrict you from seeing their profile.

You’ll not be able to see a user profile or view any of their content once they’ve blocked you on TikTok.

Just to make sure, they block, you can use another TikTok account to search the account you’re trying to view.

2. The Account Does Not Exist

Another possible reason for that error message is that the account you are trying to view does not exist, and thus you can’t view it.

It is possible that seeing the error message Account Not Found means that the account you are trying to access is no longer on the TikTok app.

It could be that TikTok has deleted the person’s account, it may be permanently blocked, or the person has deleted their account.

3. TikTok App Is Down

Account Not Found can also imply that the TikTok app is down. When TikTok servers are down, it would be difficult to use the app. And this may cause you to see the error message Account Not Found.

4. TikTok App Glitch

It could also be a glitch causing you to see the error message Account Not Found.
When the TikTok app is experiencing glitches, accessing accounts can be an issue, hence the error message.

5. Poor Internet Connection

Lastly, seeing the error message Account Not Found may be an issue of poor internet connection.

You need sufficient mobile data or a strong Wi-Fi connection to access another person’s Account on TikTok.

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How To Fix Account Not Found On TikTok

Since you now know what Account Not Found means on TikTok and why you’re seeing the issue when trying to view someone’s profile, here’s what to do to fix it.

Fix 1: Clear Your Cache

When there is a glitch with the app prompting the error message Account Not Found, you need to clear your cache to allow for the smooth functioning of the app.

To do this:

Mobile App: Open TikTok App > Tap Profile at the bottom right > Tap the three-line icon at the top right > Tap on Settings and Privacy > Tap on Clear Cache.

Web Browser: Log into your TikTok Account > Click on the three dots at the top right corner>In the More Tools Tab, click on Clear Browsing Data > Choose the All-Time option > Check the Cached Images and Files Box > Click on Clear Data.

Fix 2: Ensure You Have A Strong Internet Connection

Ensure that your Internet connection is strong and you have sufficient mobile data before trying to access an account on TikTok.

Fix 3: Restart Your Device

You can also restart the device you are using to access the Tiktok app to ensure smooth functioning.

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Fix 4: Log In And Out Of The App

Logging in and out of the TikTok application can help resolve any account issues preventing your account from functioning correctly.

Fix 5: Check From Another Account

If you’re not able to see the person’s profile and you’re wondering whether they must have blocked you, or had their account deleted.

Here’s what you should do to confirm this. Log in to another TikTok account and see if you’ll be able to see the user profile or not.


If you are trying to access someone’s TikTok account and keep seeing the error message Account Not Found, do not worry.

This article delves deep into what it means to see such an error message and what to do when such a situation occurs.

If you still have pressing issues, TikTok provides enough resources to guide users, so you can also consult TikTok’s Customer Support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Account Not Found On TikTok Mean You’re Blocked?

Not necessarily. It is one of the possible reasons for Account Nt Found. It may also be that the TikTok app is down, or it could also be a glitch.

What Does Account Not Found Mean?

If you see a “user not found” message on Instagram, it could be one of several issues with an account. The account in question may be disabled or deleted, or it may have been banned. It’s also possible that the user has blocked you.

How Do I Know If Someone Deleted Their TikTok Account?

Check their profile. If you can find their account through the search function, you can also check their profile to see if it’s still active. If the account has been deleted, you’ll see a message saying that the user is no longer on TikTok.

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