What Are The Different Meanings Of Ghost Faces On Snapchat?

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Whether you are a new or old Snapchat user, the Snapchat Ghost feature might be very new to you. If it is, and you wish to know more about it, this article is for you.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking sites worldwide. It has so many exciting features, including Snapchat Ghosts, one feature many users have no idea about.

In this article, you’ll learn about Snapchat Ghosts, their meaning, and how to use them on Snapchat.

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What Is Snapchat Ghost?

Introduced in 2016, Snapchat Ghosts is a Snapchat feature that involves a Snapchat White Ghost appearing beside your Friends’ username on the Added Me screen.

If you have the Snapchat Bitmoji, you may not be able to see the Snapchat Ghosts.

They only appear when your Snapchat Bitmoji has not been designed.

These Snapchat Ghosts are different versions of the Snapchat logo or mascot, Ghostface Chillah.

This mascot was designed by the co-founder of Snapchat and represented the disappearing nature of messages on Snapchat and related that to a ghost.

Just like the ghost, messages come and then disappear.

Snapchat Ghosts is a different version of emojis that are generated automatically.

For example, if someone sends you a Ghost with Heart Heart shaped eyes, it implies the person loves you.

When someone you don’t know adds you on Snapchat, you would most likely see a White Ghost or a Selfie Ghost.

These Snapchat Ghosts can also be very random and change often. There are many different Snapchat Ghosts which all have different meanings.

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What Do Snapchat Ghosts Mean?

There are different Snapchat Ghosts that represent different emotions. Here is a list of Snapchat Ghosts and what they mean.

Snapchat Black Ghost

This Snapchat Ghost means that your friend has deleted or deactivated their Snapchat Account.

Ghost Blowing Bubblegum

This Snapchat Ghost means your friend finds your pictures and snaps boring, probably after you’ve sent too many snaps.

It could also mean they are offended by something you did.

Ghost With Peace Symbol And Star

This means your friend is extremely happy and optimistic.

Shocked Snapchat Ghost

This Ghost signifies shock or surprise at something you have done. If you’ve blocked them as well, this would appear on their friend list.

Crying Snapchat Ghost

This represents your friend’s sadness, hurt, or disappointment in something. This usually appears when you haven’t sent snaps to your friend in a while.

Snapchat Ghost With Heart-Shaped Eyes

This Ghost means your friend is expressing their love towards you.

Snapchat Ghost With Glass

Your friend has added you and is patiently waiting for you to add them back.

Snapchat Ghost Rock On

This Ghost represents the relationship between you and your friend and means Rock on. Note that the Ghost is not giving the middle finger.

Angry Snapchat Ghost

This implies that your friend or whoever has added you are angry about something

“IDK” Snapchat Ghost

This means your friend is confused or does not know.

Snapchat Ghost With Tears

This Snapchat Ghost means that your friend is laughing and crying. The tears here are tears of joy. This ghost also represents “Laughing Out Loud”.

Joyful Snapchat Ghost

This means your friend is overly joyful about something.

Content Snapchat Ghost

This Ghost means that your friend is content with your snapping relationship.

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How To See Snapchat Ghosts

To view this Snapchat Ghost feature, follow these steps:

Open Snapchat > Click on the Ghost/Bitmoji icon at the top left corner > Find “My Friends” or click on the “Added Me” Button.

Now along with your Snapchat friends, you’ll see Snapchat Ghosts.

If you have the Snapchat Bitmoji, you may not be able to see the Snapchat Ghosts. They only appear when your Snapchat Bitmoji has yet to be created.


Snapchat Ghosts is a new feature introduced by Snapchat that displays your Friend’s Bitmoji as Ghosts representing an emotion your friend may be feeling.

There are so many different Snapchat Ghosts that represent different feelings and behaviors. They can mean Joy, Anger, Optimism, Nervous, and even Shocked.

This guide has detailed what Snapchat Ghost means and what the various Snapchat ghosts mean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snapchat Ghost Mode?

Snapchat Ghost Mode is a feature Snapchat has that enables you to hide your location on Snapchat and gives you full privacy when using the app.

Who designed the Snapchat Logo?

Co-founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel designed the Snapchat Logo, and Ghostface Killah, a Wu-Tang Clan rapper, inspired the logo.

What does Black Snapchat Ghost mean?

This Snapchat Ghost means that your friend has deleted or deactivated their Snapchat Account.

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