How To Create A Stronger Password That’ll Secure Your Account

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Your account depends on how well you secure it and how well the hackers are good. Bypassing a 2FA is not something that can’t be done, but it depends on how well your account is kept, and how tight the password is.

Create a stronger password to help keep your account safe; by not using your child’s name, birthday, or anything even close to the link.

But don’t just create a strong password with the like, the issue is, can you remember that long-form password — I bet you can’t.

And even if you can; how can you remember them all. Reusing the same password for all your account is cool until your account gets hacked, then you know it’s not cool.

The page we’re trying to create here is for you to create a stronger password that isn’t associated with your life.

If you decide to create a stronge password for your account, you’ll need a password generator to create one, you can use your browser or password manager.

Here is the fun part, even if you use a password manager or 2FA your data can still be compromised, because we have seen lots of breaches over the past few years, except you take an extra leap in protecting your account.

However, creating a strong password may not completely let the hackers go his way, but by using other means to prevent them from accessing your life. And the ultimate tip which can save you a hell of lots of security issues.

8 Character Is King

Setting up your password, you should consider starting with an 8 character length. Why this is better, it’s s difficult for others and easy for you to remember.

Setting up an 8 character password is a great way to start protecting your account, and using a longer password is better and very difficult to crack.

Stop Using Old Passwords

As I described above, if you reuse the same password for all your accounts, your account could get hacked if they’re successfully cracked.

It’s not a good idea. If you use “notebook” as your password and for every account when a hacker successfully cracks one it will be easy for them to crack the rest account.


Don’t Use Exposed Passwords

Using your birthday and favorite food is very know to hackers, and that will be the first attempt they would try. Hackers used previously exposed passwords.

And if you’re considering reusing your old password for an account that was previously breached, it will be unwise to do so. Check if your password has been exposed or breached.

Stop Using Common Words

If you like using “123456” or “password” stop it. These are commonly known words by hackers, and there are very easy to guess.

Avoid using your names, birthdays, pet name, nickname, or anything related to your life. It’s just something you shouldn’t be doing

Resetting Your Password

Every three or four months change your password. It’s a good way to run away from hackers.

Because that’s how long a password can be cracked. If you create a strong password with 8 characters long and specials characters, they’ll be no need for you to keep changing your password.

You can do so if you find or suspect someone trying to sneak into your account. But if you have a good password it will be very impossible to crack.

Using A Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Using Two-Factor Authentication is better with your password. Someone gain access and authentication prevents the person from gaining access.

A 2FA prevents the intruder from accessing your account if the required code is not meant. And it has a one-time code before the user can sign in.

So, setting up a 2FA for your account; can prevent lots of unauthorized users to gain access to your account.

Using A Password Manager

Why this won’t come as a shock, I bet
stronger passwords are longer and her 8 characters — easy for you, hard for them. Using a password manager helps you remember your long 8 characters’ special password, and it help you create a strong password.

A password manager such as keeper, LastPass, or 1Password helps you store long-form 8 character passwords. And it also generates good and very strong passwords.

The manager has a master password that gives access to all your passwords, so you must use a stronger password that only you can easily remember.

This anyway is what hackers are looking for, to get access to the one password that can get access to all passwords.

That’s why we recommend using the strongest password possible. Apart from apps, browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox also come with password managers.

Stay alert to protect your account, and quick intervention also saves your account. Once you notice any things unusual, make sure to double the security, and use two-factor authentication.

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