How To Use Facebook Marketplace Without An Account

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You’ve heard about Facebook Marketplace a nd you want to know if you can use the Marketplace without having a Facebook account.

Facebook marketplace is a feature that allows users to conveniently buy and sell items online. It has become very popular and is currently competing with other shopping platforms.

Just like many other online marketplace platforms, you have access to a variety of items ranging from I.C.T. tools to books and stationery. All you could ever think of buying can be found on this platform.

In this article, you’re going to learn whether you can use the Facebook Marketplace without an account.

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Can You Use Facebook Marketplace Without A Facebook Account?

No, you cannot use Facebook Marketplace without having an account. There is no way to access the Facebook marketplace without an account.

This is probably done just for Facebook to increase the number of signups they get, and the number of active users they have.

You must sign into your Facebook account before you can gain access to the Facebook Marketplace platform.

It is not mandatory however to actively use other features on Facebook if your only interest is to trade. You can disregard all other features and focus solely on your buying and selling.

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Things You Should Know Before Using Facebook Marketplace

Before you’ll be allowed to use Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need to be 18 and above before you can buy and sell on the app, other rules you want to know are:

1. 18 Years And Above

You must be 18 years old to access the Facebook Marketplace feature. To use Facebook, you are required to be 13 years and above.

However, you need to be 18 years old before you are granted access to Facebook Marketplace. Facebook needs to be certain that you’re legal to engage in trading.

2. You Must Have An Older Facebook Account

What this means is that you must have a Facebook account that you have been using for quite a while.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow newly signed-up users to have access to Facebook Marketplace.

What this means is that, if you create a new Facebook account, you will have no access to Marketplace.

You can only have access to Facebook Marketplace if your account has been in use for quite a while.

This is done to prevent individuals who need temporary Facebook accounts to engage in fraudulent activities. 

For a while now, Facebook has been trying to put an end to the activities of fraudulent persons who make temporary fake Facebook accounts, to defraud others on Facebook while keeping their identities hidden.

If you are new to Facebook, the best you can do is to actively use Facebook.

Uploading a profile picture and a description of yourself on Facebook may help to make your account less suspicious.

In due time, you will have access to Facebook Marketplace and thereafter, you can engage in your trade peacefully.

3. You Must Be Honest In Your Trade.

Whatever item you wish to sell on the Facebook marketplace must be the same thing you post on the Marketplace platform.

There must be no difference between what you wish to sell and the pictures you post.

Being honest and transparent helps build trust between yourself and buyers as well as potential traders.

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How To Use The Facebook Marketplace

After satisfying all requirements Facebook asks of you, you can now begin trading. Here are a few guidelines as to how to go about your trading on the Facebook marketplace.

Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device > Log in to your Facebook Account > Marketplace icon > Buy item
You can also sell on the Facebook marketplace using these simple guidelines.

Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device > Log in to your Facebook Account > Tap the Marketplace icon > Tap on Sell > Fill in the blanks ( Category, price, location, etc.) > Tap ‘Add pictures’ to insert pictures of the item you wish to sell > Tap on the ‘Post’ option to have your item uploaded on the marketplace.


Facebook Marketplace is an extension of Facebook that creates a perfect environment for Facebook users to buy and sell items of all kinds very conveniently.

Unfortunately, you cannot access Facebook Marketplace without an account, and as things stand now, there is absolutely no way to go around it.

You must have a Facebook account to use Facebook Marketplace. Even with an account, there are certain requirements you must meet before you can use it.

You must be 18 years old. Your account must be one you have been using for a while. A new Facebook account will have no access to the Facebook marketplace feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Sell On Facebook Marketplace Without An Account?

Not at all. You must have an account to sell on the Facebook marketplace.

Can I Use Facebook Marketplace Without Logging In To Facebook?

No, you must log in to your Facebook Account before you can use Facebook Marketplace.

Why Can’t I Find The Marketplace On My Facebook?

The most likely answer to this is that you may not be 18 years old and as such, not qualified to use the Facebook marketplace. You may also be using a new Facebook account.

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