How To Enable Instagram Dark Mode For iPhone, Android, And PC

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Using Instagram dark mode can save your battery and still make it easier on the eyes at night, it can make your viewing go smoothly without having issues or having an eye problem. The dark theme lets you view photos and videos easily from your iPhone or Android app, as well as the Web if you love using Instagram on a PC.

Don’t forget why brands are getting dark mode for their apps — to make it easier for users to operate at night, and sometimes in the daytime. By changing your theme color to black, or the application background color; you’re saving your battery. YouTube, SlackTwitter, Flipboard, Google Play Store, Pinterest, Google Drive, and Gmail all have dark mode — and Instagram isn’t left out. Now, you can enable dark mode on your smartphone, with or without the system-wide display dark theme.

You must know that Instagram dark mode is now available for all Android versions and iOS 13 and newer. Older OS versions of Android can also change mode within the app. But for iOS users, you can only get dark mode on Instagram from the system-wide display settings.

To turn on the Instagram dark mode you need to be running the latest version of your mobile operating system — that is iOS 13 or later version, or Android 10 or newer, 9 or older.

You can activate dark mode within the Instagram app and it can also be enabled when you turn on the system-wide display dark theme for Android and iOS.

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How to get dark mode on Instagram for Android

You can turn on Instagram dark mode for Android running below version 10. Android 9 and lower can turn on dark mode within the app. Before you can turn on a dark theme for Instagram you need to download the latest version from the Google Play Store.

1. Open the Instagram app on your Android device, and tap on your profile photo.

How to enable Instagram dark mode on Android — dark theme

2. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen to open a menu, and tap on Settings at the bottom.

How to turn on Instagram dark mode on Android— IG profile page

3. On the Settings page select Theme and you’ll be able to make the Instagram dark theme.

How to get Instagram dark mode on Android — IG Settings page

4. Choose Dark to turn on a dark theme for Instagram. The Instagram app will turn black.

How to enable dark mode for Instagram on Android —IG theme page — dark mode

If you’re using Android 10 or newer, you can easily turn on dark mode on Instagram by using the system-wide display settings.

  1. Open your phone’s settings
  2. Tap to Display or Display & brightness
  3. Click on Dark theme
  4. Launch Instagram to see the new theme.

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How to change Instagram to dark mode on iPhone

Make sure you’ve updated to the latest iOS version — iOS 13 and newer — and download the latest Instagram update.

1. To turn on the dark theme on iPhone, open your settings app on your iPhone or iPad device.

2. On the settings page click on the Display & Brightness option.

How to enable Instagram dark mode on iPhone — iOS Display & Brightness

3. Tap on the Dark theme option under the appearance section and your device will go dark. Open Instagram to use the theme.

How to turn on Instagram dark mode on iPhone iOS dark mode

Instagram respects the system-wide dark theme settings on both operating systems, so, if you switch to a dark theme on iOS 13 or Android 10, your Instagram app will also switch mode.

By turning on the dark theme on your device’s settings, you may see the theme enabled on several apps, not just Instagram. If you want to remove the theme for Instagram, you can also turn off the system-wide display settings, or turn it off within the app itself for Android users.

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How to get dark mode on Instagram for web

If you want to get an Instagram dark theme on your computer, I’m sorry to say that the photo and video-sharing site doesn’t allow that yet. But there’s a workaround for you to enable a dark theme on the site, and since there’s no way to turn on or off dark mode on Instagram PC we’ve got to use other means.

Using extension

To change from a white background color scheme to a dark theme you need any of these browser extensions; StylusNight Eye, or Dark Reader. These extensions can change your white background into black, giving you a nice-looking dark mode on the web, even if it is not the official Instagram web dark mode.

Using URL with dark parameter

On your computer, you can enable dark mode by using a URL parameter. Copy and paste the URL into the browser address bar, after the page loads, the parameter will tell the site to use a dark theme.

Note: The link temporarily enables dark mode, and if you reload the site, you will lose it. To keep using the dark theme on the web you’ll have to save the link by bookmarking it.

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