How To Fix “The Number You Have Called Is Not Recognized” (Solved)

If people are getting these messages on their phone numbers while trying to call you, they may think you have blocked them or you use a spoofed number. And if you don't set up voicemail, the call will lead to an end.
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Several issues have been lying around, and they keep repeating themselves to other people. When you call a friend or your spouse, you may hear “number not recognized” and the phone call will end.

Some may say the “number you have dialed is not recognized.” But if the person has a voicemail, the phone call could be redirected.

If people are getting these messages on their phone numbers while trying to call you, they may think you have blocked them or you use a spoofed number. And if you don’t set up voicemail, the call will lead to an end.

It’s bad, even when you’re expecting a call, and at the end, you are wondering why the person has not made the phone call. And the worst part is that you don’t even know what causes the problem.

If you don’t know the person, and you got the phone number from a text message, or you missed a call on your device, the phone number may be fake because most of them are.

When these spammers or telemarketers call you, you can’t call them back.

In this article, you will learn what “number not recognized” means and why you are getting this message if you try calling.

What Is “The Number You Have Called Is Not Recognized” Mean?

The number not recognized message on a phone call means many things, something is wrong with the phone number.

If you are trying to call the line and it keeps bringing on the message, you will have to give up and let the person fix his issues.

If you have been using the phone number to call the same person for a long time, and it just suddenly starts giving the number dialed not recognized, or the number not recognized.

That means there may be something blocking the phone number from accepting calls from anybody, it may be a minor carrier network. Most users have reportedly complained about these issues.

If you have not seen the phone number before in your life, and you just got a text message with it, or a missed call, the number is fake and it is not associated with a person or SIM.

The phone line is spoofed, which allows them to make calls, but you can’t call, they can’t receive calls from anyone.

Why Do I Get “The Number You Have Called Is Not Recognized” When Calling?

Because the phone Number is spoofed and you have not seen the number before.

And if you have been calling someone with a number for over a long time, they may be something wrong with their mobile network, or the phone number is not active.

There are only two explanations for this, if you can’t reach a number, it means that it is either a spoofed number, which you can’t call, or a phone number that is not active, or with a small network problem (sometimes it happens)

Spoofed Mobile Number

The most major is that, a spoofed phone number called you, trying to play games with you, sell you stuff, or trying to get your personal information.

There are plenty of reasons, why even telemarketer uses this. And again, cheaters use this to disguise when they call, so you can’t call them back with the phone number.

Phone Number Not Active (Disconnected)

If their phone number keeps giving you the message that the number is not recognized or the number you have dialed does not exist, it could mean that the phone number is no longer active. And the person has stopped using the line.

This Can Happen For Several Reasons

  • The person has requested that the phone number be changed because someone is stalking or harassing them.
  • The person no longer requires the phone number and has it disconnected.
  • The carrier has decided to discontinue the phone number.
  • How to stop your number from saying it’s not recognized if it’s working


To stop your phone number from sending a false message that your number is not recognized, you will need to swap the SIM with another phone, then call the phone number.

If it did go through. Put the SIM back into your phone, the problem will be gone, the message will stop.

Most times it might just be a minor network issue, and all you have to do is wait and have passed the time out.

I hope this guide was able to help you with why a phone number is not recognized.

Frequent Asked Questions

When you call a number back and it’s not Recognized?

When you call a number back after getting a missed call, it is from a number you don’t recognize. And then you decide to call back: it says not recognized. This could be a scammer or someone trying to sell you something.

What does it mean when a number calls you and you call back and it’s disconnected?

When you call a phone number and it says disconnected, it means that it is a robocall. This means that you can’t call, but they can. The phone number is spoofed and prevents callback from anyone that they are targeting. These could be telemarketers or scammers.

What unrecognized number mean?

An unrecognized number means that the number doesn’t exist and is not in use. These will happen if you call a spoofed number or a phone number with a minor issue. If the number isn’t inactive,

What does it mean when it says the number you called is not working?

This means that the phone number you have typed is not correct, or you use the wrong code area. The number you dialed is not a working number that can be fixed by just cross-checking the number again and ensuring you’re using the correct one.

Does the number not recognized mean you’ve been blocked?

No, the number not recognized does not mean that your phone number has been blocked. Block numbers are different to receive, you get the ring once before redirecting you to voicemail.

This can also be a problem if the person just changed their phone carrier and still using the same number. It could take some time for it to settle.

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