How To See Someone’s Hidden Friends On Facebook (What To Do)

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Have you ever tried to see the list of friends of a Facebook user only to realize that the friend list is hidden?

You realize that you can only see your mutual friends but not their entire list of friends.

Hidden friends is a Facebook feature that allows you to hide the list of the people you’ve friended on Facebook.

In this article, You’ll learn about the Hidden friend’s feature. You’ll also know whether you can see hidden friends on Facebook.

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What Is The Hidden Friends Feature On Facebook?

Your Facebook friends list consists of all the friends you have on Facebook. Hidden Friends is a feature on Facebook where you hide your Facebook friends list from other people on Facebook.

On Facebook, you can have a huge number of friends. With a Hidden friends feature, if anyone tried to view your Facebook friends they would only be able to see the friends you both have in common and not the list of your friends.

The hidden friend feature prevents imposters from pretending to be you and is also used when you do not want other people to know who you are friends with on Facebook.

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Can I See Hidden Friends On Facebook

No, you can’t see hidden friends on Facebook. It’s not possible, even if it was before, there is no way you can see it again. That’s why it’s called “hidden” not open.

If you can see it and anyone can easily find the hidden friends, it means the feature is of no use. I have done deep research, well I tested and tested but it’s no longer possible.

The extension that previously allow you to view hidden friends no longer works. You can even see the notice from the developer that Facebook has blocked it.

All the ways you can use to find hidden friends on Facebook no longer work, so if you see any post telling you that you can see hidden friends on a Facebook account, well it is wrong.

It doesn’t work, I’ve tested everything out, and the guide is outdated. This is because of Facebook.

If the feature is meant to hide friends and there is some way that allows just anyone to see the hidden friends, well the feature is damn useless.

So that is why you can no longer see people’s Hidden Friends on Facebook. You won’t even be able to see the list of your friend friends that have enabled the feature.

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What To Do If You Can’t See Hidden Friends On Facebook

If you can’t see hidden friends on Facebook, there’s nothing you can do about it. Even if you’re a friend to the person you’re trying to see his hidden friend.

Facebook has blocked all loopholes, which means you will not be able to see the person hidden friends and you can’t do anything about it.


Hidden Friends is a feature in Facebook that allows anyone to hide their friends list from others.

Seeing hidden Friends on Facebook is not possible, and there is no way around it. Most people choose to hide their Facebook friends list for privacy reasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide certain friends on Facebook?

No. You can either hide all your friends or
not hide them at all. You cannot choose to hide only a specific group of people.

Why can’t I see my friend’s Friend list?

Your friend has probably hidden their list. This Facebook feature allows your friend to hide their friend list from anyone.

Should I hide my Friends on Facebook?

If you have a reason for security or privacy and want to do away with fraudsters, you could hide your friends list on Facebook.

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