How To See Private Facebook Profile [The Only Way]

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One of the many exciting features Facebook has is to make a Facebook profile private. A private profile allows for a Facebook user’s privacy on the app.

If you wish to know how to see a private Facebook profile, this article is definitely for you.

There are times when you must see someone’s Facebook profile, but when the profile is private, it becomes hard.

In this article, you’ll learn all about a private Facebook profile and how to see a Private Facebook profile.

What Is A Private Facebook Profile?

A private Facebook profile is a Facebook profile that you cannot view without being friends with the account owner.

Facebook allows users to make their profile private, meaning their Facebook friends list is private and can only be viewed by the account owner and any Facebook friends.

If you come across a private Facebook profile, you can only view their name and a locked profile picture.

Sometimes, you cannot even view their profile picture, leaving you to wonder who the person is.

A private Facebook profile also implies that all the posts are private and the account is not shown in search results.

This is the reason why most people make their profiles private on Facebook.

Some wish to protect their identity, and others wish to limit and screen the number of people who have access to their information.

How To See Private Facebook Profile

Although someone may have a private Facebook profile, there are some ways to see their private profile, whether they know it or not.

Be Their Friend On Facebook

You can become their friend on Facebook. You can send a friend request to see someone’s private Facebook profile.

If they accept your request and you become their Facebook friend, you can access their Facebook profile.

You can view their Facebook posts, and other Facebook friends they may have and even view their tagged photos and Stories.

But you have a very slim chance of being their friend because they’ll always likely pick someone over a person they don’t know.


Facebook allows users to make their profiles private for security and safety reasons. However, there are some ways to see private Facebook profiles.

You can become their friend on the app to be able to see their private Facebook profile.

There’s no way other than becoming their friends, no third-party app can allow you to see a private account.

FAQs On How To See Private Facebook Profile

Yes. To do this: Select Settings & privacy > Settings > Tap Profile settings > Tap Privacy > Scroll down to Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile, toggle the setting to off.

Yes, there is. You can send them a friend request to see their private Facebook profile.

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