How To Change Apple ID Password On Your iPhone, iPad And Mac [3 Easy Ways]

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If you were so unfortunate to forget your Apple ID password, there are ways you can change your Apple ID password on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac device.

The benefits of having an Apple ID includes bonding your Apple Account to your various devices.

Whenever you want or have a reason to change your Apple ID password, it can be done easily from the web or your device Settings.

In this article, you’ll learn how to change your Apple ID password on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac following the step-by-step guidelines.

How To Change Apple ID Password on iPhone & iPad

It is an easy process to change your Apple ID password on iPhone and iPhone.

Simply follow the steps below to change your Apple ID password.

Step 1: Open Settings

If you have already signed in with the Apple ID on your iOS device before, go to your iOS device Settings.

Step 2: Tap on your Apple ID Name

When your on the Settings screen, click on your Apple ID name.

Step 3: Click on Password & Security

On Apple ID section, select Password & Security option to uncover other options.

Step 4: Tap on Change Password

Tap on Change Password which is the first option on the screen and then you will be required to enter your device Passcode to continue.

Step 5: Create New Password

On the next display, enter your preferred new password and also verify the password by repeating it in the next section.

Step 6: Tap on Change

After verifying your new password, tap on Change at the right top corner of your screen to save the changes.

How To Change Apple ID Password On Mac

If decide to change your Apple ID password on Mac instead, quickly follow the steps.

Step 1: Open System Settings

On your Mac, click on the Apple icon at the top left corner and click on System Preferences from the drop-down.

Step 2: Click on your Name

When you are in System Preferences, click on your Name (your profile icon).

Step 3: Select Password & Security

After clicking on your Name, select the Password & Security option from the options then click on Change Password.

Step 4: Click on Change Password

If you have a password on your Mac, you’ll be prompted to enter your Mac password and then click on the blue Allow button.

Step 5: Enter New Password

Enter your preferred new password, re-enter the password to verify it, and then click on Change.

Step 5: Click on Change

To confirm your action, click on the Change option below the follow-up screen and your Apple ID password will be changed.

How To Reset Account Password With Your Phone Number

You can also reset your ID password with your phone number or email address you’ve used while setting up the Apple ID account.

Step 1: Go to Apple ID page

Go to your Apple ID sign-in page and click Forgot Apple ID or password.

Step 2: Enter Apple ID

Enter your Apple ID and enter the code to the box, then choose Continue.

Step 3: Enter Phone number

If a phone number is added to the Apple ID account, you’ll be prompted to verify the phone number by completing it. Enter the phone number and tap Continue.

Step 4: Ask Apple to send code

If you get the phone number correct, Apple will ask you if you want to send a code to the phone to use and reset your Apple ID password. Tap Send code.

Step 5: Enter the code and reset password

Enter the code, tap Continue, and change your Apple ID password. If you’re not able to use the phone number to receive the code, you can use email instead to set up a new one.

Use email to add a new phone number

If you can’t use the phone number, tap on “can’t use this number“, then tap on Continue anyway. Tap on Send code.

Enter the code sent to your email address and tap on Continue. On the next page, you will prompted to enter a new phone number, tap on Continue, and tap Continue again.

Enter the code sent to the new phone number and tap on Continue. On the next page, you’ll be able to reset your Apple ID password.


It is very essential to know how to change your Apple ID password before the need arises.

To change your Apple ID password is easy as long as the Apple ID is signed in to your device.

If the Apple ID is not signed to your device you can reset the password by going to the web.

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