How To Recover A Disabled Instagram Account (Use This 3 Way)

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Instagram has been known to sometimes disable accounts by mistake and this is very annoying, especially if you did nothing to warrant such consequences.

The only way to know if your Instagram account has been disabled is when you are automatically logged out of your account and then you are prevented from signing in.

In this article, you will learn how to recover a disabled Instagram account. You’ll know why your account got disabled.

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Why Did My Account Get Disabled

The main reason your accounts get disabled is that you’ve violated community guidelines or the terms of use multiple times.

Some examples of community guidelines are Performing illegal transactions, spewing hate speech in comments and under posts, cyberbullying, and posts that suggest nudity or graphic violence.

Sometimes too, Instagram mistakenly disables the accounts of users so if you are not guilty of not following community guidelines and rules then follow the methods to submit an appeal and recover your account.

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How To Recover A Disabled Instagram Account

No matter the reason behind the disabling of your account, there is only one way to recover your account.

This is by submitting an appeal to Instagram with the details of your account. Appeals can only be submitted within 30 days of when the account was disabled.

After 30 days, the account is permanently deleted and lost forever.

There are three simple methods of submitting an appeal to recover your disabled Instagram account

Submit An Appeals Form

Go to Instagram Appeal form and fill out the form that will be provided with all the necessary details required of you.

In the last step, give a valid reason why you think your account was disabled by mistake and why it should not be permanently deleted.

Send An Email

Draft an email to the support staff at Instagram ([email protected]) explaining why you think the disabling of your account was a mistake and why it should not be permanently deleted.

Admitting your wrongdoing may result in you never getting back your account. And submitting a request doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your account back.

Use The Instagram App

You can log in to your account where you see the disabled message and see the info on the learn more page on how you can get your account back.

This is only for those that think their account was disabled by mistake. You may be able to ask Instagram support to review the decision.

Step 1: Open Instagram

Locate the Instagram app on your device and the sign-in screen, input your username and password, and click login.

Step 2: Tap Learn More

An on-screen prompt will pop up with the message that your account has been disabled.

Click on Learn More and follow the prompts to learn how to recover your account.


Now you know what steps to take to recover your account if it ever gets disabled.

Be mindful of the fact that you have a 30-day window after your account gets disabled to recover it else it will be permanently deleted.

And also, you can appeal as many times as you can in that 30-day window. But don’t be mistaken that submitting a request will guarantee your disabled access back. You may likely not get it back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Instagram disable your account?

If you willingly deactivate your account, then Instagram disables it after a week. But with this, you will be able to access it anytime you want but if Instagram disables your account, then you only have 30 days to recover it.

Is a disabled Instagram account permanent?

If after 30 days your account is still disabled, Instagram permanently deletes it and all your information is lost forever.

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