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Google People Card
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When we were still battling with the pandemic, Google Introduce a new feature that allows content creators to entrepreneurs create a people card; also known as a virtual Google Card. The People Card feature from Google allows users to show up in search results when other people search for their name on Google. For small business owners, this is important, because you don’t have to be a celebrity to have your name on a virtual card on Google.

The people card is like a rich display you get when you search for popular personalities, big businesses, and celebrities. You get this display with relevant data from the company or celebrity. To get that, you can try becoming a celebrity or you can do it with Google People Card (add me to search).

If you have a business you shouldn’t ignore this. If you’re a developer, content creator, fashionista, or even a doctor you can create a Google card for yourself and let people look you up on Google.

You can only create one virtual Google Card and it will be connected and authenticated with your mobile number. If you haven’t authenticated your account with a phone number; you need to do so before you can even create the card.

verify your Google account phone number

If you create your People Card you will have complete control and decide on the information you want to share; like your workplace, social links, phone number, and email address. You can also decide to stop using the feature anytime.

Requirements for creating Google People Card

  • An Android phone or tablet, or an iPhone or iPad.
  • A mobile browser or the Google Search app.
  • A personal Google Account.
  • Web & App Activity turned on.

The People Card feature is only available for individuals in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa with users who have their set language to English, and it’s mobile-only. To create your own People Card on Google, use the keyword ‘Add Me to Search’ or ‘Edit My People Card.’

How to add yourself to Google search: Add Me To Google Search (People Card)

1. On your mobile device, open your browser and go to, or open the Google Search app. Make sure you’re signed into the preferred Google account on your app or mobile browser.

2. Search the query ‘add me to search‘ or ‘edit my People Card.’ At the top of search results, you’ll find the option displaying add yourself to Google Search. Tap Get started.

3. Google will take you to a new page to create a public profile and let you fill out the information you want to share publicly on your People Card. You will be asked to fill in the following details:

  • Profile Image.
  • Your name.
  • Your current city.
  • A small bio.
  • Workplace.
  • Education.
  • Hometown.
  • Website.
  • Links to social profiles.
  • Email.
  • Phone Number.

4. Once you are done with filling in your details, you can preview your People Card. If you’re satisfied with the content on your card, tap on the submit button, and your virtual Google Card will be created.

Once you submit your People Card, a message will prompt saying, “your search card has been updated and will appear in search results shortly.”

Google says they don’t guarantee that your card will show up on Google Search. It up to you, add more than your name to make your card show up.

The more information you provide in your card, the more likely it will show up on Google Search results. So add more than just a name to make sure your card shows up when someone searches for your name.

Timothy Iyekowa virtual Google card

Google suggests that if you share a common name with a famous personality, you should consider adding a distinguishable term to your profile. It will help people easily find your virtual card in search results. You just have to add a term after your name, if you have a middle name put the first letter.

For people sharing the same name on People Card, Google will display multiple cards when someone searches for people who share the same name, and you can distinguish between the different individuals using the information provided by them.

People Card is designed for business professionals, performers, influencers, entrepreneurs, job hunters, freelancers, or anyone looking to grow their presence online. 

Follow these guidelines to help people find and distinguish you from others when they search for your name on Google:

  • Only include information about yourself: If you submit content that isn’t about who you are and what you do, Google may remove your People Card.
  • Generate your People Card with suggestions for fields such as “hometown” or “profession:” If none of the suggestions fit, you can add your free text.
  • Keep your information up to date: Google may stop showing your card if it hasn’t been updated or verified in a long time.

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