What Does Inactive User Mean On Onlyfans? (Answered)

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What does user inactive mean on OnlyFans? If you have been seeing this message on a creator account when you’re trying to subscribe, it means that the creator hasn’t been posting.

You may see this message on a creator OnlyFans page when you’re trying to subscribe to their content or renew your subscription. When you see the tag on the profile, there are things you can’t do.

In this guide, you’ll learn what inactive users mean on OnlyFans, and why the tag always shows up on creators’ accounts. You’ll also learn how you can fix the problem if it appears on your account.

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What Does User Is Inactive Mean On Onlyfans?

User is Inactive on OnlyFans means that the creator hasn’t been posting for the past 30 days.

The “User Inactive” tag will show on the creator’s profile if they haven’t posted anything for at least a month.

If you are a creator you’ll see this on your account. And when a user on the app wants to subscribe to your content, there will not be able to.

OnlyFans will restrict them from subscribing to an inactive account because you’re not regularly posting content on your page.

If you’ve already subscribed to the creator account, well the message will not be aligned with you.

But again, you’ll not be able to renew the subscription after the subscription has ended.

You need at least 1 post per month on OnlyFans, or your account will be set to inactive.

What Cause The User Is Inactive On OnlyFans?

The user inactive tag on a creator profile happens when they haven’t posted anything in the last 30 days.

This will allow OnlyFans to restrict the account from gaining more subscribers.

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What Happens When User Is Inactive On Onlyfans?

Three major things happen, when your OnlyFans account is inactive. Once their account says that they’re inactive, many things come into play, like losing out on revenues, no more new subscribers, or auto-renew subscriptions.

  • Your Revenue Will Sink
  • Your Account Will Not Gain New Subscriber
  • No Auto-Renew Subscription
  • No New Followers

And it will eventually get the creator account removed from features because OnlyFans doesn’t want a nulled account to be available for users to subscribe to.

Can You Bypass User Inactive On OnlyFans?

No, you cannot bypass the user inactive message on a creator profile. Once you see the tag and you’re not already subscribed to their account, you’ll not be able to subscribe.

Even though you just want to look at their previous content, well it doesn’t happen and OnlyFans won’t allow it.

For you to be able to gain access, the creator needs to post at least once, only then you can subscribe and see the content they’ve previously posted.

This feature was put in place to allow creators regularly publish content, so their account doesn’t show that they are inactive.

How Do I Reactivate My Inactive OnlyFans Account?

To activate your OnlyFans account is pretty simple, all you have to do is go to your account, and then post at least once on your page.

Then the inactive tag will disappear on your profile when users want to follow you or subscribe to your content.


If you see the message on a creator account, it means that they haven’t posted for at least once a month.

And this will make OnlyFans restrict users to subscribe to the account.

Inactive accounts don’t supposedly need to attract any new subscribers to your profile, that’s why OnlyFans put the feature in place.

So if you were not allowed to subscribe, it means that the creator hasn’t posted for 30 days. And you can’t walk past it to see old content.

For creators that the tag is on their profile, you are going to lose out on money generated, because users won’t be auto-renew.

You’ll also not get any new followers and new subscribers for your content. And that’s why you should fix the problem by posting.

To do this you’ll have to post at least one piece of content, and then the tag on your profile will be removed. And users will be able to subscribe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does OnlyFans delete an inactive account?

No, OnlyFans does not delete inactive accounts if you haven’t posted for about a month. Even though you don’t have any subscription again, and your account says inactive, your account will not be deleted.

What does user inactive mean?

User inactive on OnlyFans means that the creator hasn’t been posting for the past 30 days. The “User Inactive” tag will show on the creator’s profile if they haven’t posted anything for at least a month.

What to do if an OnlyFans account is inactive?

You can’t possibly do anything, look for another creator to subscribe to, or you can wait for the creator to post at least once so that you can subscribe.

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