No Subject Messages On Samsung? See How To Fix It

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Have you been receiving no subject text messages frequently as a Samsung user and you do not know how to fix it?

This happens to most Android users, especially Samsung users. You may receive an alert only to realize it is a no-subject message which gives you no information.

It can be very annoying and a lot of Samsung users have complained about this, seeking to know how to get rid of this problem.

In this article, you’ll know why there are no subject messages on Samsung. You’ll also learn how to fix the problem on your Samsung phone.

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What Is No Subject Message On Samsung?

Although Samsung has not issued any official message to explain what the “no subject message” means, we can derive the meaning as the name suggests, “No subject messages”.

It means that there is no subject line in your message. Which is, there is no message in what has been sent to you. Therefore, it is either the message has been removed or it has been corrupted.

With this, you will not be able to load the message which appears to be an empty message. 

Samsung has not officially explained this but the meaning of No Subject Message on Samsung should not be anything contrary to this.

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Why Does My Phone Say No Subject Messages?

Do you want to know why you receive the no-subject messages regularly on your Samsung phone? The reason is quite simple.

It’s an error on the side of your phone’s carrier or your APN settings have not been properly configured.

It may also be the fault of the Samsung stock Messages app, that’s why you are receiving this error on your Samsung device.

The reasons are different for each person, some people say that the problem can be caused by WiFi blocking access to the carrier server.

How To Fix No Subject Messages On Samsung

If you’re getting the no subject line message on your Samsung device, they’re reasons this may be happening to you.

Since you can’t download it and see the message content, here’s what you need to do to fix the issue on your Samsung phone.

Fix 1: Configure APN Settings on Samsung

The configuration of your Access Point Name must be properly set up so that it does not bring you issues such as the no subject message error.

You should be able to make sure there is no loophole in the settings of your APN configuration to avoid facing this error.

Search for your network carrier APN settings which will allow you to send and receive MMS messages on your Samsung device.

Go to Settings > Select Connections > Choose Mobile Network > Tap on the Access point names > Add a new APN and save.

Fix 2: Set Up Automatic MMS Downloads

You’ll not be able to receive messages from group chats if your MMS messages are not automatically downloaded.

Therefore you should turn on the MMS automatic download feature to download messages that have no subjects.

To enable this feature, you must make sure mobile data can cater to receiving messages although such messages are not more than 1kb.

Go to Settings on your Samsung device > Go to Optimizer > Select Mobile Data > Choose Networked apps > Select Systems apps > Check if Mobile data has been turned on.

To set up MMS on your Samsung phone, follow this simple guide.

Go to Settings > Select Connections > Choose Mobile Network > Toggle MMS Message [send and receive when mobile data is off].

Fix 3: Delete Other Messaging Apps

If you have other messaging apps on your Samsung device, you’ll need to delete them to allow your phone message app to receive only the Samsung Messages app.

These messaging apps have control over your SMS and MMS messages and for that matter, you should disable them from having that access.

Go to Settings on your Samsung > Scroll down to apps or Manage apps > Tap on Manage apps > Look for third-party messaging apps > Select Uninstall.

Fix 4: Restart Your Android Device

You can restart your Samsung device if you are still facing the issue. This will allow your device to start afresh and all malfunctions may be reset.

Press-hold the Power button > Select Restart > Wait a while for the device to restart.

Fix 5: Disconnect From Wi-Fi

If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, you will not be permitted to download any subject messages.

Therefore, you should make sure your mobile data is on to download the messages instead of a connected Wifi.

Go to Settings on your Samsung > Go to Connections > Select Wifi > Turn Off Wifi > Go back to Connections > Select Mobile Data.

Fix 6: Reset Messaging Settings

There may have been some changes in your MMS and SMS settings that you should check to prevent your device from receiving the no-subject messages from Samsung.

You may not be able to know the exact setting that has been changed so resetting messaging settings is the best option.

Go to your default messaging app > Go to Settings > Select Reset All settings.

Fix 7: Install Google Message

If your Samsung Message app is still not letting you see the subject messages after all the fixes you’ve tried, including enabling MMS Message on your network settings.

You’ll need to install the Google Message app from the Google Play Store, once you install the messaging app you’ll be able to see the subject messages and download photos to your device.

Fix 8: Turn On Developer Options

It is necessary to turn on the developer options on your Samsung device to enable them to configure the issues that your system faces as well as profile and app bugs. You’ll have to turn on developer options to help fix your issue.

Go to Settings on your Samsung device > Scroll down to About phone > Select About phone > Choose Software Information > Continuously tap developer options > Turn off the animation, transition animation, and Animation Duration toggle.


As a Samsung user, if you are constantly receiving the no subject message on your phone, you should know it may be as a result of your device or your network carrier.

Samsung has not explained what No Subject Messages on Samsung mean, but this article has shown why you’re receiving the error and how to fix it.

You can configure APN settings on your device to fix the issue of the no-subject message on Samsung. You can also reset messaging settings to take all settings to the factory settings.

Another way to fix it is by disconnecting your device from the current Wi-Fi connection and using data to load messages.

You can enable your mobile network to accept MMS Messages when mobile data is off, or you can install the Google Message app.

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