Why Is My Mazda Infotainment Screen Black? See How To Fix It

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Are you using the Mazda CX-5, 6, 2, CX-9, or the Mazda 3 but your screen is suddenly black for the first time or after a while? You may be enjoying the Mazda screen in your vehicle but the display has suddenly turned black.

Now, you are wondering why this happened. It’s frustrating especially when you have to quickly perform an activity using the Mazda screen.

You are not alone because several other Mazda users have also complained about this issue and we have got you all the answers you need.

In this article, you’ll learn why the Mazda screen has turned black. You’ll also learn how to fix your Mazda screen when it turned black.

Why Has My Mazda Screen Turn Black?

Mazda screen black? You have to know why your Mazda screen is black before you learn how to fix it and we are going to outline the necessary reasons for this issue you are facing with your Mazda screen.

1. Bugs In Mazda Connect Software

If your Mazda screen has suddenly turned black, you should know that it is a result of bugs in the Mazda Connect Software. Most of the time, it is the bugs that cause the issue you face with your Mazda screen.

These bugs that are found in your Mazda Connect screen do not permit the software of your Mazda to run properly and can interfere with the regular operation of your Mazda Connect.

If this happens, it can shut down the Mazda screen completely and that is what you see.

2. Faulty Display

You may be having a faulty display which has caused your Mazda screen to turn black.

Although most of the time, your black Mazda screen may not be because of the bad screen display, you can sometimes find the infotainment console display faulty.

If you have used your Mazda screen for quite a long time, the display will surely be prone to issues like faulty cables or the console display.

3. Screen Not Connected To Power

Another reason for your Mazda black screen may be that it is not connected to any form of electricity to power the device.

It can also be that the battery is no longer working or the battery has died completely.

If you are not able to see any display even when you have turned it on, you should know that the battery may be very low and the screen can turn off completely at any time.

The cables that connect to the Mazda screen can also be faulty and cannot properly connect to display any graphics for your view.

Faulty cables will not permit you to see the actual view you want to have using the Mazda screen.

4. Outdated Mazda Connect Software

Your Mazda screen may be outdated and you have to update the Mazda Connect software.

An outdated Mazda connect may not work effectively anymore because of issues that may come with it. Many bugs will not permit your Mazda to work and it can be very worrying.

How To Fix Mazda Screen Black

Now that you know why your Mazda screen is black suddenly, you should know how to fix it so that your Mazda Connect can continue working.

Fix 1: Update Your Mazda Software

If your Mazda software is outdated, there is a need to update it to fix all bug issues. The updated Mazda software comes with very few bug issues so it will not interfere with the screen display.

You may no longer have a Mazda black screen if you successfully update it via the Mazda official website, where you can download all the necessary files needed to update your Mazda device. You’ll need a drive for this to download all the updated files.

You can update your Mazda software if you follow the guidelines to get it updated to the latest version.

Go to the Mazda official website > Download the latest update > Insert USB into the device > Go to Settings > Go to System > Music Database Update > Select Yes.

Fix 2: Fix The Mazda Bugs

If you have the latest version of the Mazda software but still have issues with the Mazda screen then you can try a simple activity to get rid of the bugs.

This activity will refresh the Mazda Connect software and that may fix the bug issues your device is facing.

Follow the guidelines to properly deal with Mazda screen bugs. Press hold the mute button for a few seconds.

This will automatically refresh the Mazda software to give you a new experience aside from the previous issue you were encountering with the software.

If this does not work for you, you can try another activity by press holding the volume button together with the back button. Continue to press hold till the screen turn completely black. This will soft reset the device.

If you have tried this and you are still not able to fix the bug issues with your Mazda, then you can turn off your Mazda vehicle completely for a few minutes and operate it again after some time.

This is also a way to manually refresh your Mazda Connect software to get rid of the bugs.

Fix 3: Reset Your Mazda Connect

If you can reset your Mazda connect, you will be able to have a refreshed version of your device to make it work properly.

The system of your Mazda Connect will work properly if you can properly reset the Mazda Connect.

Following the simple guidelines, you can reset your Mazda Connect to resolve the issue: Press hold the volume button, Nav button, and the Back button together for about 5 to 10 seconds till a system rest notification pops up on your screen.

The prompts that follow will allow you to properly reset your Mazda Connect to get it working efficiently after the process.

Fix 4: See A Professional Mazda Repairer

If you find out that your Mazda display is faulty, then you should get a proper repairer to fix the Mazda display issue.

The professional Mazda worker should be able to repair or replace the infotainment display of your device.

The professional or certified Mazda mechanic can be able to identify what exactly the problem is and fix it as expected.

You may not have to spend a lot of money trying to fix it yourself when there is a Mazda repairer who can easily fix it for you.

If the issue has to do with a  broken fuse, the repairer can repair this and make sure power flows into the device properly to make you have a better experience with your Mazda screen.

Fix 5: Contact Mazda

If you have tried all the troubleshooting we have provided in the above fixes, we recommend that you contact Mazda to inform them about the sudden black screen of the Infotainment screen.

You should be able to contact Mazda either online or on phone to give them a detailed description of your issue.

Since they are the original creators of Mazda Connect, they can help you fix the issue the best way.


Your Mazda screen can turn black at any time since it is prone to issues that it may encounter since its purchase.

It may either be a result of outdated software, bugs, glitches, faulty display, or issues with powering the device.

We have for you all the necessary guidelines which you need to fix the issue. These guidelines will help you fix your Mazda screen. It may be the CX- 5, CX-8, CX-9, or Mazda 2 screen that has turned black suddenly.

Fix the Mazda black screen by either updating the Mazda software, making a professional Mazda repairer work on the screen, resetting the screen, or contacting Mazda to get your issue completely resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Mazda Display?

You can be able to reset your Mazda display by Press holding the volume button, the Nav button, and the Back button together for about 5 to 10 seconds till a system rest notification pops up on your screen.

The prompts that follow will allow you to properly reset your Mazda Connect to get it working efficiently after the process.

How Do You Reset Mazda Touch Screen?

You can reset your Mazda touchscreen by press holding the volume button together with the back button. Continue to press hold till the screen turn completely black. This will soft reset the device.

How Do You Unfreeze A Mazda Screen?

You can freeze your Mazda screen by stopping your vehicle and turning on a doff the ignition. This will restart the Mazda Connect to get it working.

How Do I Reset My Screen In My Car?

You can rest the Mazda screen by removing and putting back the USB device connected to your Mazda screen.

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