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With this feature, you can design a new background and add it to your virtual background collection. Here’s how you can change your Zoom background to a virtual background using your computer or mobile phone device.

Social networks are where internet scamming lives. This is where scammers carry all their daily activities (scamming is just like a full-time job). But the idea is simple, behind the scene you can learn the concept of protecting yourself from these scams.

Your smartphone and computer have a diary of you — on what you like, what you don’t like, and what apps you use most of the time. Your behaviors are in a diary called Google HistoryHistory.  It contains all the online information from you. But it only represents those that have a Google Account.

It just like the rich display you get when you search for popular personality, big business and celebrity. You get this display with relevant data for the company or celebrity. You can get that by becoming a celebrity or you can do just that with Google People Card (add me to search). But don’t be so exited yet, because right now, it’s not yet available for all country.

WhatsApp dark mode for Android is out and you can turn it on with or without updating to the latest version of Android. Android 10 and 1 currently support the system wide display dark mode and if you’re using this updated device here is how you can turn it on.

Facebook and its apps is one of the forefront for scammers, and I myself have seen some weird things happened, and from now, I’ll be talking about how you can try to avoid scam on the internet, or possibly blocked the intruder in every way possible to avoid being scam.