How to delete your Twitter tweets using TweetDelete

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Twitter does not allow you to delete all your tweet as it only supports one tweet delete at a time, so we are picking a service for this feature, many services can help you manage and delete your tweet, some of them which are free and some charge for monthly subscription fees.

How to change your Zoom background


With this feature, you can design a new background and add it to your virtual background collection. Here’s how you can change your Zoom background to a virtual background using your computer or mobile phone device.

How to delete a Google Account

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Deleting Google Account will not immediately remove your account, it’s going to take some time — so during this time, you can still restore back your account.

How to change YouTube channel name

If you’re using a brand YouTube account, you can change your name, and your Google Account name won’t be altered. If you don’t know what a brand YouTube account is; it is a business account for your brand. You can create a brand account from your Google Account.

How to create a Google Account

When creating a new Google Account you don’t have to use your business name, you can use your personal name. If you want to create a Google Account for your business, use Google Workspace for that.