How To Get Your Snap Score Up Faster 2023 (What To Do To Increase It)

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If you’ve been wondering how you can increase your Snap Score on Snapchat faster? Well, we got the right answer to the question.

Snap score work on Snapchat using different factors to determine how to increase your score, we’ve written how it works.

Now, we’ll show you how you can get your snap score up fast so that you’ll have a 100,000 snap score, that’s if you want.

In this article, you’ll learn how to increase your snap score faster than normal. You’ll also know how you can leverage other people to do the work for you.

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How Snap Score Increase

If you’re wondering how a snap score increases, well you’re not the only one asking this question.

The score is calculated using different in-app factors activity that contributes to your score points.

Sending And Receiving Snaps

The first thing that contributes to calculating the Snapchat score is sending and receiving snaps.

If you send a snap to your friends, your score points will go up, and when you receive a snap and you view it your score will also go up.

There is the first factor, Snapchat says it increases your snap score, see the others below.

Stories You Post

Snap score work on Snapchat if you’re a regular story poster. Is also described by Snapchat as one of the factors.

If you post on your Snapchat story, your score will also increase, this is one of the factors that contribute to the snap score.

Maintaining Snap Streaks

If you’re keeping up with your friends and maintaining your streak and snapping for long, this will also contribute to your snap score.

Bonus Point

If you haven’t been using Snapchat in a while, and you just log in to your Snapchat account, your score will increase as a bonus point for coming back to the app.

Other Different Factors

With all the factors and many others like interaction, content, and overall user activity, different factors contribute to the snap score, which is only known to them.

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How To Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast

If you’re looking for how you can get a  higher score on Snapchat, we have listed how you can increase your snap score.

Remember that there’s no cheat to increase your Snapchat score, if you don’t use the app every day and send snaps your score will not increase fast.

Here, we have written the fastest way you can improve your score on Snapchat.

Sending Snaps To Your Friends

If you want to increase your Snapchat score faster, you’ll need to continue sending snaps to your friends in the app.

Send a lot of snaps and you’ll see your score climbing high. This is only one of the recommended tips to increase the score by Snapchat [it’s based on one of their factors].

So to get more points, you can send snaps to different people and you’ll see the score increase.

I’ve seen this firsthand, a friend always sends me snaps repeatedly, every day, and his snap score is 298,125. The highest I’ve ever seen.

So keep sending snaps every day, and the score will increase faster than you know. Don’t send text messages or videos, it doesn’t mostly count, but do we know, No, we don’t.

Open Receive Snaps

If you received a snap well, you’ll surely get an increase in your snap score. I can say on this one that I’m the one.

Ever since I joined Snapchat, I’ve never sent a single snap but my score increases because of my friends who always send their snaps every day, I open only a few of them.

And ever since I haven’t even opened enough. So if you want to increase your Snapchat score you’ll need to open the snaps your friends sent.

[To leverage on your friends], ask them to keep on sending you snaps daily, and you can just view and return the favor. This will count toward your snap score.

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Adding Friends On Snapchat

Friends are one of the reasons your Snapchat score can increase, imagine if most of your friends are sending you to snap daily and you’re viewing them, well you’ll get points.

Adding friends may contribute to your Snapchat score. The person needs to be your friend First before you’ll see an increase. If they don’t accept your friend request you’ll not see any increase.

Posting Your Stories

As one of the factors that contribute to increasing your snap score, you’ll want to take this into account. Posting stories also increase your Snapchat score fast.

If you’re regularly posting, you’ll surely see an increase in your Snap score. Keep posting and your score will pass 10,000 or more.

Maintaining Snap Streaks

Snapchat didn’t mention this as one of their factor that determines what contribute to snap score, but they also say it includes other factors.

Well, as one of the factor, we think maintaining a snap streak with your friends also contribute to building up your snap score.

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Snapchat Score Hacks

If you’re wondering whether you can pay someone to increase your Snapchat score, well you can, but you’ll get scammed by someone or blocked by Snapchat.

There’s no shortcut to increasing your snap score faster. Any site you see, or tool claiming that they can improve your score, it’s fake.

It’s not possible, you can’t beat the algorithm if you don’t use the Snapchat app every day.

Since we only know little about the factor that makes the score work, you can only use the guide to increase your score on Snapchat.

If you’re planning to get one, we don’t recommend it, except if you want to fall for a social media scam.

And don’t use any third-party app claiming to increase your snap score, doing that will get your Snapchat account locked.

If it’s permanently locked, you’ll not be able to get it back. So be careful and just follow the guide above to increase your Snapchat score fast. It’s the only way you can.

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Snapchat score is the feature most users are most fascinated about, and they want to know how it works, and also use it to increase their score.

The Snapchat score can only increase by doing a certain number of things on the Snapchat app. If you don’t, your score will not increase no matter how hard you try.

To increase your snap score, make sure you send snaps to different people every day, any snap you received from your friends view it. It counts to your score.

If you post to your story, your score will also increase on the Snapchat app. Watching videos may also contribute [as one of the hidden factors].

Making friends on Snapchat also contribute to increasing your snap score, and don’t lose your snap streak.

Apart from all these ways to get your score up, there’s no other way to do it. Don’t use third-party apps or software to increase your score.

It doesn’t work, their algorithm can’t be tricked. And if you use it you might get scammed or lose your Snapchat account, because Snapchat doesn’t allow any third-party app.

If you’ve done everything and your score doesn’t seem to be increasing, you may need to update your Snapchat app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your Snapchat score not going up?

If your Snapchat score is not going up, it’s because Snapchat hasn’t updated the score yet. You’ll need to give it time, at least a week since it’s the time Snapchat takes to update scores.

How to hide Snapchat scores from your friends?

If you want to hide your Snapchat score from your friends, you’ll need to unfriend them. That’s the only way, except of course you want to block them.

What is the highest Snapchat score one can score?

There’s no limit to score anyone can score, the more you use the app and send and receive snaps, the more the score increases. The highest I’ve seen is 298,125. The guy snaps a lot and sends me snaps every single day.

Why can’t you see your friend’s Snapchat score?

If you can’t see your friend’s Snapchat score, it means that the person is no longer your friend on Snapchat. This is because you can only see the snap score of your friend, if you can’t, it means the person is not your friend again.

Can Snapchat’s score go down?

No, your Snapchat score cannot go down, you can’t lose the score once you already have it. The snap score only goes up as long as you keep receiving and sending snaps.

What is the best way to increase your Snap score?

The best way is to send snaps to your friends, and when you receive any snaps from them, you’ll need to open and view them. This is because a snap sent or receive contributes 1 point each to your snap score. If you’re posting to your stories you get points also.

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