How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing 2023 (It’s Works)

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Snapchat allows you to take screenshots, but it’ll notify the users that you’ve screenshotted their profile, snap, or story.

The social app doesn’t allow you to take screenshots of their content or profile without notifying the users.

If you’re looking for how to take screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing, we have the perfect working guide [tested].

In this article, you’ll learn how to screenshot Snapchat without them knowing. You’ll know the different working methods you can use.

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What To Do When You Need To Screenshots Secretly On Snapchat

If you want to take screenshots secretly on Snapchat without the user knowing, you’ll have to use one of the methods below.

Better still, this is what you need to do to screenshot on Snapchat secretly without anyone knowing.

The best option we consider for this; is the built-in screen recorder feature that’s available on your Android device [works perfectly even with mobile data].

It works well for anyone who has an Android device, and even if you’ve mobile data turned on, you’ll still be able to screen record snaps, profiles, and stories without them finding out.

You can also use the screen recorder feature on a Mac computer to record your iPhone screen.

Another option you can try is screen casting your screen to your computer and screenshotting the screen from there [work without any notification from Snapchat].

Another option you can consider using is snapping your device without another device.

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How To Take Screenshot On Snapchat Secretly

We’ve written all the methods that work, which you can use to screenshot on Snapchat without the person knowing.

Use Android Built-In Screen Record [Work]

One of the best options we’ve tried that works perfectly well for screenshots Snapchat is by using the built-in screen recorder in an Android device.

We tested this and even while on mobile data, they’ll not be able to know that you’re screen recording their content. And once you’re done recording it.

You can open the video from any of the video-playing apps, and when viewing it you can screenshot the screen you want.

If you’re using Android 9 and newer versions, you should be able to screen record your phone screen.

To screen record on Android, go to the Quick Settings panel [swipe down from the top of your screen, and swipe again to get to the Quick Settings panel].

Find the Screen Record icon by swiping left and tapping on it to start recording, and you’ll be able to screenshots Snapchat from the video recording.

If you don’t see the screen record icon, tap the small edit button on the left side of the panel, find the screen record icon, then drag and drop it on the top.

If you’re using an Android device, and the screen recording option is not available on your phone, see the best Android screen recorder list.

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Use Google Assistant [Android]

If you’re using an Android device, they’re many ways you can take a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

For Android 8 or newer, you can use Google Assistant. Google Assistant can help you screenshot Snapchat without the person getting any notifications.

With this method, Assistant will not directly save the screenshots in your gallery, but it’ll allow you to share the screenshots with other apps.

And from there you’ll be able to save the screenshots. You can share the screenshot to your Google Drive and then download the photo later.

You can access Google Assistant using the Home button if your device has one, or swiping from the right or left bottom corner to the center of your screen.

If you’ve already activated the voice, just say [“Ok Google” or “Hey Google”] “take screenshot” or “capture screenshot” [or type “take a screenshot.”]

After the Assistant capture the screenshot, choose the app you want to share the screenshot on. Then you can save it from there.

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Use Screen Casting [Work]

If you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, you’ll be able to screenshots your Snapchat without them knowing by using the screencasting [mirror] option.

With this method, you’ll be able to screencast your mobile screen to your computer [laptop]. And from there you’ll be able to screenshot the laptop screen.

All it takes is to connect your mobile hotspot to your laptop and then tap on the Screencast from the Android Quick Settings, or Control Panel on your iPhone.

Once your screen begins screen mirroring to your computer, all you’ll have to do now is to screenshots your laptop’s screen.

Open Snapchat on your mobile device and it’ll show on the laptop screen, then go to the profile, snap, or story you want to keep and screenshot the laptop screen.

If you don’t know how to screenshot here’s a step-by-step guide that shows you how. The easiest way to take a screenshot on Windows 10 or Windows 11 is with the Print Screen (PrtScn) key

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Use QuickTime on Mac [Work]

This is just like screen casting your screen on a laptop. If you’re using an iPhone and a Mac computer, you can use the QuickTime Screen Capture on your Mac.

To use the feature to take screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing, you’ll have to connect your iPhone to your Mac

Open the QuickTime Player, then click on “File” > And click on “New Movie Recording” > click on the small arrow next to the record button [you can choose another recording option]

And then select your iPhone as your camera input and the screen will display on the Mac computer. Now, you can open Snapchat and see the snaps and stories [it’ll display on your Mac].

You can record by using the button, or screenshot by pressing Command + Shift + 4 on your Mac, and then pressing the Space Bar, and the shot will be saved on your computer.

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Use Another Phone To Snap Screen [Work]

Well, this is the most basic and probably the one people won’t want to try, but it’s another method you can use if you don’t have an Android device, you don’t have a MacBook or a Windows computer.

But if you do have an extra iPhone lying around your house, well you can use this method.

All you have to do is view the snap or story that you want to screenshots, and then use the other phone to snap the screen which contains the snap.

And then use one of the best video editing apps on your mobile to crop and edit the photo, then you’ll have a screenshot without the person knowing.

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Snapchat records the activities you do on the app, if you’re screenshotting a person’s profile, the user will get a notification that you’ve screenshotted their profile.

If you want to screenshots snaps and stories secretly and prevent Snapchat from notifying the users, you’ll need to screen record using an Android.

You’ll also be able to use Windows or Mac computer with your mobile device; by screen-casting your screen and screenshotting the PC screen.

This is the very best option that can work, you can also use the Google Assistant options on your Android device to save snaps without the person knowing.

This guide to taking screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing had been tested, and you’ll be able to use it to save snaps and stories without anyone finding out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell if someone screenshots your Snapchat?

Yes, you can tell if someone has screenshotted your Snapchat, the app will inform you by sending you a notification that a particular user has screenshotted your profile, snap, or story. But using the screen recording option on Android can allow users to bypass this feature on Snapchat.

Is it illegal to screenshot a Snapchat story?

No, it’s not illegal to take screenshot on Snapchat, don’t let anyone tell you shit. Because if it’s, that means screenshotting Facebook, WhatsApp, and the Instagram story is illegal and everyone is at fault too. So it’s not illegal to take screenshot on snapchat without them knowing. I screenshot stories on Snapchat and allow the person to see that I’ve screenshotted their story.

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