How To Protect Yourself From Social Network Scams

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Scammers place all their bets on social media networks. It’s where they carry out their daily activities (it is a full-time job). But the idea is simple, you’ll learn the concept of these scams and know how to protect yourself from these social scams.

Detecting these scams is simple, you just have to learn how to avoid catching things that don’t add up — that is it. Sure, anyone can fall for it, but you need to train yourself not to fall for any things that will disturb your peace.

Just to make sure you always remember, know that nothing is free. Even if someone asks you to click on a link to get a free coupon or to win a lottery. That kind of thing doesn’t happen in the real world. For love seekers, it’s hard for someone from Instagram to love.

Finding love on Instagram can take a lifetime. If anyone messages you about love on the social platform, you need to take caution and be careful about things you shared with the person.

And for those who love investment so much that when you see a high return on investment stating to go give 100% return — you’ll quickly rush to invest all your money. And a few days later, the company will be closed and all your money will be gone. With all these in mind, you must know the simple theory on how you can avoid scams and also protect your family from getting scammed.

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Protect yourself from love scam

If you’ve been scammed before, or probably you may — because of love, you need to avoid people that propose love to you online. They may come in disguise, pretending to be someone from another country. They may be a doctor, engineer, or military personnel currently fighting a war in God know where.

If you come across this type, they probably want to earn your trust, and then, ask you for money. Report this account and blocked the person.

Protect yourself from an investment scam

For people who want a higher return on investment when you see one please avoid it. Nobody will give you a 100% of your investment in 10 days. It’s a big lie. Even at that, they like to make it so cool that you’ll get a certain percentage every day.

For this type of scam, they would probably have a social network account. And probably someone will direct you to a manager who is the same person and will take your money.

Protect yourself from a bag of money scam

How can someone claim to fall in love with you, and thereafter decide to send you a bag full of money? And the victim will be very happy. That is greed. It’s too much for a person to give you something that high for someone you barely know. Rare. Bag of money scam tends to be popular among scammers because with this type of scam they are likely to fall hand in.

If you see anyone online that wants to give you a bag full of money, or a box. But for you to keep it, you need to pay a particular amount to a certain bank account. I recommend blocking and reporting the account.

Protect yourself from lottery scam

You will have to start avoiding free stuff from now, no company will create a page genuinely and ask you to claim a lottery won by you with money. A lottery isn’t claimed by money, that is one thing you should do. And don’t just give out information, know the company first before giving out information. Avoid giveaways asking you to confirm your account or something.

Protect yourself from free coupons scam

Are you still one of those persons looking for fee coupons? Right now it’s hardly available. You could also get a discount deal that will reduce the price of the products. They are no free anything, you can’t get a product for free on Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy.

Protect yourself from cryptocurrency scam

I can get you $5,000 every day if you invest $1,000 in cryptocurrency. Well for me, it sounds too good to be through. Crypto price doesn’t fly that high. Anyone suggesting this type of crypto investment is probably a scam.

Avoid people online with this intention, and if you so deeply want to invest, you can do that all by yourself. Find a reputable crypto app that you can buy coins from, and keep in the long run — if you prefer. If you don’t, you can learn to trade and trade.

Protect yourself from job scam

Avoid job postings that promise to give you a job if you make a payment to them. Don’t pay anyone to get a job, even if the person promises you the best there is.

Protect yourself from identity theft scam

For scammers who steal accounts and use them to defraud friends and family on the account list, avoid them by using a strong password, and if you can’t remember, use a password manager. Be mindful of the links you click, those links might still your account details, and the person behind might crack and get your account. Don’t click on just any links.

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Protect yourself from duplicating accounts scam

Some use popular personality, pretend to be someone they are not, and use it to collect money. If you notice something with an account or something that seems suspicious you should probably stop communicating with the account and report it.

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